Sri Lanka Military Academy

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  • PARENTS’ DAY OF INTAKE 87, 58 (V), LADY 16 & 15 (V)

    13th September 2018 06:59:04 Hours

    The Parents’ Day of Intake 87, 58 (V), Lady 16 & 15 (V) was held on 21st July 2018 at the Sri Lanka Military Academy. During the event, parents and their family members witnessed a drill display which showcased talents and skills in foot and weapons drill, a demonstration on the battle confidence course to display the skills of negotiating obstacles and a physical training display to showcase the development of agility, flexibility, endurance, neuromuscular coordination - all performed by Cadets. The Parents’ Day is organized with the purpose of giving parents and their family members an opportunity to showcase their sons and daughters’ newly acquired talents and skills, talk to course officers and other instructors of the institute, and above all for them to see the infrastructure facilities available at the Academy.

  • VIVA VOCE OF INTAKES 81, 81A, 82, 83 AND 84

    13th September 2018 06:57:44 Hours

    The Viva Voce of Intake 81, 81A, 82, 83 and 84 was conducted on 12th and 13th July 2018 at the Academy Library premises. 27 young officers from the above intakes endeavoured to defend their dissertations at the viva supported by a ten-minute presentation.


    13th September 2018 06:56:39 Hours

    The Commandant, Brigadier H H A S P K Senaratne extended a warm welcome to the 45 officer cadets of Intake 59 (V) in his Opening Address delivered at the Col Fazly Laphir Auditorium on 11th July 2018. The Wing Heads, respective course officers and company commanders also were present at the occasion.


    13th September 2018 06:55:16 Hours

    The Inter-Company Swimming Meet of the Sri Lanka Military Academy was held on 8th July 2018 at the Academy Swimming Pool with the participation of Intake 85, 86, 87, 58 (V), 86 B, Lady 16 & Lady 15 (V). The event was graced by Brigadier Priyantha Senaratne, the Commandant of the institute as the Chief Guest. All Wing Heads, Senior Officers, Other Rank Instructors, students of neighbouring schools were also present at the occasion.


    13th September 2018 06:53:59 Hours

    A delegation of officers including the Chief Instructor, Brig Gen S M Mahbub and seven officers of the Directing Staff of the Bangladesh Defence Services Command and Staff College (DSCSC) together with their families called on the Military Academy, Diyatalawa on 7th July. They were extended a warm welcome by the Wing Heads and other officers of the Academy.


    13th September 2018 06:52:43 Hours

    A two-day refresher course for all officer instructors and academic lecturers of the Sri Lanka Military Academy was conducted on 26th and 29th of June 2018. Brigadier Priyantha Senaratne, the Commandant emphasized, in his opening remarks, the importance of revising and updating the knowledge and teaching methodology of all instructors and lecturers.


    13th September 2018 06:51:24 Hours

    Twenty officer cadets of DE I/2018, whose military training commenced on 15th February 2018, received their certificates after successful completion of a four-month basic training. The ceremony was graced by the Commandant, Brigadier Priyantha Senaratne as the Chief Guest. The Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads, Company Commanders and Course Officers also attended the event which was held at the Col F Laphir Auditorium on 26th June 2018. The Commandant addressing the officer cadets stated the importance of undergoing basic military training diligently in order to function effectively as officers while maintaining professionalism in their respective fields.


    13th September 2018 06:50:10 Hours

    “The Games Night” of the year 2018 was held at the Officer Cadets’ Mess on Saturday, 16th June with the participation of Intake 85, 86, 87, 86 (B), 58 (V), Lady 16 and Lady 15 (V). The Commandant Brigadier Priyantha Senaratne graced the occasion as the Chief Guest along with Wing Heads and other senior officers. Also, many faculty members participated in the event along with their families, officer cadets’ parents, and distinguished invitees.


    13th September 2018 06:48:57 Hours

    Dr. Manisha Pasqual Faculty of International Relations, University of Colombo conducted two separate sessions on “Nuclear proliferation and denuclearization” to officer cadets and officers. The sessions were hosted by the Diners’ Club of SLMA. The main session held at the Officers’ Mess on 14th June evening was attended by Wing Heads and all officers of the military and academic staff.


    13th September 2018 06:47:56 Hours

    The Inter-Company Sports Meet of the year 2018 was held at the Polo Grounds, Diyatalawa on 09th June 2018 with the participation of Intake 85, 86, 87, 86 B, 58 (V), Lady 16 and Lady 15 (V). The Commandant, Brigadier Priyantha Senaratne declared the Sports Meet open as the Chief Guest and it was attended by all wing heads, officers and Other Ranks of the Academy.