Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead


Col WAP Ranathunga
Commanding Officer


The primary role of the Administration Wing is to provide ammunition, military equipment, clothing items, food, water, transport, construction and maintenance of buildings and other facilities required for officers, men and officer cadets. This ensures proper administrative and logistics extended to programmes formulated by the Military Training Wing.


  • Ensure the security of Ella Camp
  • Provide troops to Thistle Camp for security duties
  • Responsible for all admin matters in respect of Officers and Other Ranks of the permanent staff
  • Responsible for repairing and maintaining billets, married quarters
  • Responsible for providing transport requirements pertaining to training and admin purposes
  • Responsible for maintaining Other Ranks' cook house
  • Responsible for maintaining all accounts, books and documents pertaining to PRI, Imprest and the canteen which belongs to Admin Wing
  • Responsible for maintaining high standards of discipline among Officers, Other Ranks and civilian staff of Admin Wing
  • Responsible for attending to pay allowances, leave and other welfare facilities of the staff
  • Particular emphasis to be paid for special events such as Passing Out Parades, Academy Day Celebration and Fox Hill Supercross etc. Provide admin/logistics support to accomplish the above tasks


The Administration Wing is commanded by CO Admin Wing and the the wing consists of

  • Ration Section
  • MT Section
  • Q Stores
  • Officers' Mess
  • WOs' & Sgts' Mess
  • Museum
  • AP Section

These sections play a major role in the smooth functioning of the Admin Wing and provide sound admin and logistics support for all training and admin purposes. Each section is headed by an experienced officer who has a sound knowledge on the respective role and task.