Sri Lanka Military Academy

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  • Towards a Professional Army: Successful Completion of Basic IT and Regimental Accounts Courses

    15th May 2021 10:47:19 Hours

    Information Technology is of paramount importance for progression of a professional army. Introduction of the Certificate Courses in Information Technology and Regimental Accounts was a novel concept of the Commandant- SLMA in order to inculcate and enhance IT skills and accounts expertise of Other Ranks serving at SLMA.

  • How does the CRIB come to play for men in uniform?

    10th April 2021 16:52:29 Hours

    In a highly commercialized global environment, financial discipline is a sensitive area to which every human is subjected to due to the fact that poor financial management leads not only to a lot of socio-economic issues but also health issues.


    08th April 2021 15:38:51 Hours

    ‘Study Tours’ an integral part of defence academic curriculums enable military students to interact, network and enrich their learning and social development in diverse settings. A batch of forty-one Officer Cadets from the Naval and Maritime Academy, Trincomalee toured the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) on Thursday (08 April) along with three Officers. Upon their arrival Senior Officer Cadets warmly welcomed them to the Academy and the significance of the “Monument of Peace” and ‘Parade Ground’ was convinced to them.


    04th April 2021 21:38:02 Hours

    The game of basketball which began in 1891 grew as a very popular sport in the world due to its support for healthy life; improvement of motor coordination, flexibility, and endurance. Today, the game plays a key role in enhancing physical fitness of military personnel and the Military Academy conducts annually the Inter-company Basketball Competition for young trainees to show off their competitive spirit and energy representing their companies. The Competition for the year 2021 was held at the Academy Gymnasium on 04th April with the participation of all officer cadets under training. After head-to-head battles among the four companies to claim the championship, Balana Company marked its triumphant victory under its Company Flag. Officer Cadet H N K Caldera and Lady Officer Cadet T D S Rashmika of Intake 89B emerged as the outstanding players whose performances were appreciated with the award of Best Player Trophies at the Inter-company Basketball Competition. The Vijithapura Company and Randeniwela Company were adjudged the runner-up and second runner-up respectively.

  • VISIT OF Student Officers of Senior Command Course and Junior Staff Course of Officer Career Development Centre.

    03rd April 2021 15:38:02 Hours

    A delegation of 92 Student Officers of SCC and JSC along with the Commandant, Chief Instructor and Senior Officers and Directing Staff of OCDC visited the Military Academy on 03 April 2021. The Delegation was warmly welcomed by the Commandant Major General A K G K U Gnanaratne ndc psc and all wing heads of Sri Lanka Military Academy. The delegation was made aware of the role and tasks of the Academy, historical evolution, officer cadet training, course curriculums, sophisticated facilities available at the Academy for officer cadet training and education, the new developments etc.


    29th March 2021 16:18:56 Hours

    Kataragama where it is believed God “Skanda,” a powerful deity dwells is a multi-religious sacred city and holy place of the country where Hindus, Buddhists and Muslims alike go on pilgrimage. ‘Mahadewala’, the main Hindu shrine and other Devalayas located around it hold much significance with Kirivehera local in close proximity.


    14th March 2021 15:55:54 Hours

    Cricket is the most interesting and energetic game among all young and old and it is more about the passion and attitude. Today it has become a game that celebrates the brotherhood and companionship, especially among the males.

  • Let’s Switch into Tamil?; Successful Completion of the 2nd Basic Tamil Language Certificate Course

    08th March 2021 09:11:31 Hours

    Tamil Language is the eighteenth most spoken language in the world claiming over 74 million speakers worldwide. In Sri Lanka, Tamil language holds prominence as one of the official languages and it is treated as one of the few living classical languages with a firm literary tradition.


    06th March 2021 16:22:44 Hours

    Major General S S WADUGE RWP RSP USP ndu psc who recently assumed office as the Commander of the Sri Lanka Army Training Command (ARTRAC) Diyatalawa visited Sri Lanka Military Academy on Saturday (06 March), at the request of Major General A K G K U Gnanaratne ndc psc, the Commandant- SLMA. Visit to the Military Academy at the venture of new posting is a military tradition practiced by Commanders of Diyatalawa Garrison city in order to further strengthen the cordial relationships.


    05th March 2021 22:54:36 Hours

    The Security Forces Headquarters (Cen) is the regional command of the Sri Lanka Army, with the responsibility of operational deployment and command of all Army units located in the Central and Southern parts of the country. The newly posted Security Force Commander, Major General N R Lamahewage RWP RSP ndu made his official visit to Sri Lanka Military Academy on 05th March upon the invitation of the Commandant, SLMA, Major General A K G K U Gnanaratne ndc psc.