Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

13th August 2023 09:51:38 Hours


The Language Studies Division, Academic Wing of the SLMA conducts the Inter Intake Debate Competition as an annual event of the Military Academy Calendar with the purpose of improving debating skills, public speaking skills, logical thinking, awareness on debatable issues and concerns, and corporation among officer cadets.

On 10th Aug 2023, the final of the Inter Intake Debate Competition -2023 between Intake 92 and Intake 92B was held at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the participation of the Commandant-SLMA, Brigadier M T I Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest and General Officer Commanding (GOC) - 11 Infantry Division, Major General R M M Ranasinghe WWV RWP RSP as the Guest of Honour along with the Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads, Officers and Officer Cadets of the Military Academy.

Before the final, initial intra and inter intake debates between debate teams of all intakes of the Academy were conducted by the Language Studies Division of the Academic Wing and the final debate between the debate teams of Intake 92 and Intake 92B encompassed a heated, comprehensive and exciting experience to the audience on the topic of “Internet Affects Positively on Social Progression”.

The debate was adjudged by an impartial panel of judges and after a fruitful and competitive debate, Intake 92 became ‘the Champions’ of the annual debate competition while Intake 92B and Intake SC 20 secured their positions as the Runners-up and the Second Runners- up of the competition. Meanwhile, Pl/U/O K M T Prabhathiya of the Intake 92 was titled as ‘the Most Promising Debater of the Inter Intake Debate Competition-2023’. All these debaters’ debating skills were appreciated with award of certificates and prizes by the Deputy Commandant and the Commandant as the Chief Guest at the prize giving ceremony.