Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead



    22nd April 2023 09:46:53 Hours

    Exercise Seetha Sulang is one of the main field exercises conducted for trainee Officer Cadets at the Sri Lanka Military Academy to educate them on the platoon level conventional tactics. This major field training exercise was conducted in two stages for officer cadets of penultimate term; firstly for 134 Officer Cadets of Intake 92B from 05th to 08th April 2023 and then for 68 Officer Cadets of Intake SC 20 from 19th to 22nd April 2023 at the Fox Hill field training area.

  • A Delegation from the Royal College Visits the SLMA

    13th April 2023 20:38:07 Hours

    The Sri Lanka Military Academy over time has become a fascinating destination for many local and foreign visitors as it adds stunning experiences to their complex lifestyle in terms of leisure, education, physical and moral growth with its vibrant landscape, history, fabulous role and tasks, culture, facilities and many more.

  • Visit of Naval and Maritime Academy to SLMA

    07th April 2023 09:56:07 Hours

    On 07th April 2023, a delegation of the Naval and Maritime Academy, Trincomalee consisting of 29 Midshipmen of the 64th Intake and two Officers paid a visit to the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Diyatalawa as one of the splendid destinations of their study tour. On their arrival, the naval officer cadets were warmly welcomed by Officer Commanding-Balana Company along with senior Cadet Government appointment holders at the Main Gate, where briefings on the War Memorial, Parade Ground and Mission Structure of the Academy were made by trainee Officer Cadets of the Military Academy. Then, SLMA presentation was conducted at the Sino-Lanka Friendship Auditorium to impart a profound understanding on the role and tasks of the Military Academy. Interestingly, these Naval Officer Cadets got an opportunity to visit Senior Officer Cadets’ accommodation areas and also, they were offered with refreshments, arranged at the Officer Cadets’ Mess. Afterwards, they were accompanied to the Field Firing Range (FFR) at Fox Hill to witness a field exercise which is generally conducted to give trainee cadets of SLMA with conventional battlefield experiences. Following this novel experience, the invitees were hosted with a special lunch in interaction with the host Officer Cadets at the Officer Cadets’ Mess, where officer cadets of both institutions posted for a group photograph in front of the Cadets’ Mess before marking their departure from the SLMA.

  • A Drill Instructor Refresher Programme for Tri Force DIs

    04th April 2023 12:32:37 Hours

    ‘DRILL’ always sets the backbone of military and it is the first thing that a soldier learns from the outset of military training to the culmination of his splendid military profession. Having perceived the significance of Drill, a ten-day Basic Drill Instructor Refresher programme with the assistance of a handpicked professional DIs from School of Ceremonial UK was conducted at the Sri Lanka Military Academy from 20th March to 30th March 2023.


    01st April 2023 12:07:52 Hours

    The Intercompany Badminton Tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy is considered a highly competitive event of the Military Academy to promote speed, agility, mobility, mental stamina, physical fitness, teamwork and sportsmanship among trainee Officer Cadets, by contesting in knockout matches to be the Champion Company of the year.


    23rd March 2023 10:18:25 Hours

    The Sri Lanka Military Academy is apparently an iconic destination for most of the local and foreign dignitaries and distinguished personalities to visit and make their stay very memorable. Twenty Officers of the Higher Air Command Course, India together with their spouses paid an official visit to the SLMA on 23 March 2023 as a part of their strategic study tour. At their arrival, they were warmly welcomed by the Commandant Major General I A N B Perera RWP USP ndu psc along with all Wing Heads and officers of the Military Academy. Afterwards, they were given a brief introduction about the SLMA supported by an SLMA documentary at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium. Then, the delegation posed for a group photograph with the Commandant and his staff at the entrance of the Officer Cades’ Mess where sharing of mementos were also taken place followed by a vote of thanks by the senior most officer of the Course. After that, the senior most officer’s thoughts on the visit were versed on the legendary Visitors’ Book too and finally they enjoyed a special lunch with the Commandant as well as some of the Academy officers at the Officers’ Mess.

  • Commandant’s Official Maiden Visit to KDU

    20th March 2023 09:05:03 Hours

    Having assumed duties as the Commandant- SLMA, Major General I A N B Perera RWP USP ndu psc paid his maiden courtesy visit to General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University (KDU) upon Vice Chancellor’s call, Major General Milinda Peiris RWP RSP VSV USP ndc psc MPhil (Ind) on 20 March 2023. The Commandant was warmly welcomed to the Kotelawala Defence University on his arrival and a casual interaction on training related matters of the both educational institutions was taken place at VC’s Office. At the end, mementoes in gratitude were exchanged between the Commandant and the Vice Chancellor while their heartiest views on the strong, prolonged relationship between the institutes were outspoken on this special occasion.


    25th February 2023 09:31:03 Hours

    Parents' Day is a special event organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy to showcase the progress of senior Officer Cadets to their beloved parents. This annual event is an opportunity for the Officer Cadets to demonstrate their hidden and trained talents, skills, and leadership attributes to their parents.

  • Enhancing the professionalism with the Drill Instructor Course

    13th February 2023 15:43:21 Hours

    In military perspectives, the life of a military man is perfected by DRILL through which self-explanatory qualities of the term, D- for Discipline, R – for Regimentation, I for Integrity, two Ls for Loyalty and Leadership are instilled within the soldier. Hence, the prominence of the Drill Instructor Course conducted by the SLMA holds a great altitude in Army’s professional military training.


    13th February 2023 10:04:43 Hours

    The 75th Independence Day, the 4th of Feb 2023 was a significant and cherishing moment for the Sri Lanka Army as eight senior Brigadiers were promoted to the rank of Major General, which included the Commandant-SLMA, Brigadier I A N B Perera RWP USP ndu psc.