Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead



    21st November 2022 12:09:48 Hours

    The Inter Company Combat Firing Meet which was organized with the aim of testing leadership skills of officer cadets, skills in clearing obstacles, section level fire and maneuver, and effective engagement of targets in a battle environment was held at the Field Firing Range (FFR) of Fox Hill from 19 th to 21st November 2022. The officer cadet intake of 91, 91 B, Short Course 19, Lady 19, 61 (V), 61 A (V), Lady 18 (V), 92, 92 Alpha, SC 19 Alpha, 61 (V) Alpha and Lady 18 (V) Alpha representing four Companies of the Academy competed for the Trophy of Champion Company. The biggest challenges for the competitors are the clearing of Battle Obstacles, two-kilometer run, concentration on targets and tactical maneuver.

  • Empowering the Army with Three Medical Specialists

    18th November 2022 13:07:19 Hours

    The Sri Lanka Army as one of the largest organizations of the country is often entrusted with a wide range of military and civil responsibilities. To play its responsible role, professionals in diversified fields with immense capacities and capabilities are absorbed into the military system periodically.


    10th November 2022 11:21:27 Hours

    On 10 November 2022, a cross section of the passing out officer cadets from Intake 91, 91B, SC 19,Lady 19, 61 (V), Lady 18 (V) and 61A (V) including three foreign officer cadets from the Maldives and Zambia got an opportunity to interview the Commander of the Army, Lieutenant General HLVM Liyanage RWP RSP ndu at the Army Headquarters in pursue of collecting firsthand data for an ongoing research on Russian and Ukraine Conflict, which will be pinnacled on the day prior to the Commissioning Parade in December 2022 as the Officer Cadets’ final research presentation. The interactive session with the Commander provided the research team with deep insights to view the ongoing conflict in broader perspectives. The Commandant of Sri Lanka Military Academy Major General WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc, Chief Instructor, Senior Officers and a few other officers of the military academy also were present on that occasion in guiding them through the process of researching to explore the subject.

  • The British Defense Advisor’s Visit to the Heart of Uva

    13th October 2022 11:37:19 Hours

    The Sri Lanka Military Academy has apparently become an iconic destination for most of the local and foreign distinguished personalities to visit and make their stay at the country very reminiscing. The British Defense Advisor, Colonel PJ Clayton MBE paid an official visit to the SLMA on 13 Oct 2022 as a part of his foreign tour. At the arrival, he was warmly welcomed by Commandant Major General WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc along with Deputy Commandant and other senior officers of the military academy. At the main entrance, the trainee officer cadets briefed the honoured Guest the significance of the Monument of Peace and the Defence Advisor customarily laid a wreath before the Monument of Peace in honour of the fallen heroes. Afterwards, he posed for a group photograph with the senior officers of the Academy at the entrance of the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium where a charming interactive session with members of the Academy was joined in share of some tea all together. Afterwards, his thoughts on the visit were versed on the pages of the legendary Visitors’ Book and sharing of mementos were also taken place before his departure from the Academy.

  • Facilitation of International Children’s Day-2022

    01st October 2022 14:05:21 Hours

    The International Children’s Day-2022 under the theme of “Better Future for Every Child” was held on 1 Oct 2022. With the intension of giving the deserved importance to children, the Sri Lanka Military Academy organized and celebrated the international Children’s Day, at the academy premises with participation of school children in Bandarawela Education Division.

  • Soldier’s Role in “Media Manipulation” and “War Literature”

    30th September 2022 14:13:53 Hours

    Conduct of lectures on educative, fruitful and timely disciplines are an essential requirement to gain and maintain the academic standards of any high academia. In keeping with this sentiment, on 30th of September, two experienced senior military personalities were invited to impart their knowledge and experiences on the disciplines of ‘Media Manipulation’ and ‘War Literature’ for the officers and officer cadets of the military Academy.


    23rd September 2022 13:50:51 Hours

    Sports competitions all over the world aim at enhancing teamwork, cooperation and coordination among sportsmen and women. The Sri Lanka Military Academy conducts the Inter Company sports meet annually in order to enhance the sportsmanship, leadership skills of trainee Officer Cadets in four Companies (Gannoruwa, Vijithapura, Randeniwela and Balana) and their organizing capabilities. The Opening Ceremony of the Inter Company Sports Meet - 2022 was held on 23 September at the Polo Ground and the event was graced by the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Major General WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest. Sporty and energetic competitors of Intake 91, 91 B, SC 19, Intake Lady 19, 61 (V), 61 A (V), Intake Lady 18 (V), 92, 92 (A) and Intake Lady 18 (V) A. representing their respective Companies took part in a number of field and track events.


    22nd September 2022 10:10:00 Hours


    30th August 2022 08:37:44 Hours

    On 30 August 2022, the dream of becoming the members of the Guardians of the Nation was materialized by thirty two Officer Cadets of Intake DE 1 (Reg) - 2022 and Intake DE 2 (Vol) – 2022, having successfully completed their basic military orientation package conducted for a period of four months, where the subject knowledge and skills on aspects of Drill, Weapons Training, Tactics, Regimental Accounts, Service Writing, Methods of Instructions, Leadership, Military Law and Administration in Field are imparted and embedded. In par with their graduation, a series of events were held including the Final Presentation on a topical issue, Certificate Awarding Ceremony and Commandant’s Dinner Night.

  • Soldering Perfects with the Drill Instructor Course

    29th August 2022 08:51:55 Hours

    In military perspectives, the life of a military man is perfected by DRILL through which self-explanatory qualities of the term, D- for Discipline, R – for Regimentation, I for Integrity, two Ls for Loyalty and Leadership are instilled within the soldier. Hence, the prominence of the Drill Instructor Course conducted by the SLMA holds a great altitude in Army’s professional military training.