Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati

History of Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

FROM 2005

5th Regiment SLAOC was raised and established on 04th August 2009 and first Commanding Officer was Lt Col AN Amarasekara RSP ato.

The new establishment of SLAOC was approved by ref letter ප්‍ර/මාරා/229(115) dated on 22 September 2009. Thereafter, in the year 2012 the new Regimental Headquarters Establishment was approved by the letter ref G/SD/229 (27) dated 28.11.2012 and G/SD/229(20) dated 21 July 2015. According to this new approved establishment the organization of the Ordnance Corps consist of 265 Officers, 4,878 Other Ranks, including 28 volunteer Officers and 575 Other Ranks. The approved establishment of Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps is as follows.