Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati


Maj BDR Perera psc Lsc AATO


In order to fulfill the ordnance requirements of the Eastern Province, Forward Ordnance Depot (Ampara), Forward Ordnance Depot (Trincomalee), Forward Ordnance Depot (Batticaloa), Forward Ordnance Depot (Welikanda) have been established under 3 SLAOC. As Ordnance requirements needed to be delivered efficiently in the dependent Units established in the operational areas, Advanced Base Ordnance Depot was established at the 7 SLA Camp Minneriya on 01 November 1991. Thereafter, command and control of all the Ordnances Depots in the Eastern province had been assigned to Advanced Base Ordnance Depot (Minneriya).

The Advance Base Ord depot inaugurated on 01st November 1991. And it was commanded by an officer commanding till 19.03.1995. From then it was renamed as the 3 DOU and commanded by a Commanding Officer until 24.12.1997 and again it was renamed as the 3rd Ord SLAOC. The 3rd Ord Regiment has been tasked to provide Ordnance backing to the Eastern theatre of the country.


S/N Name From To
1. Lt Col RL Sooriyaarachchi AATO 01.11.1991 01.02.1992
2. Capt AS Weerakkody 01.02.1992 20.02.1992
3. Capt SMAK Wanasinghe 20.02.1992 07.08.1992
4. Lt EWAG Gunasinghe 07.08.1992 27.09.1992
5. Capt DSA Dehiwatte 27.09.1992 06.03.1994
6. Maj RV Udawatte 06.03.1994 07.08.1994
7. Maj DSA Dehiwatte 07.08.1994 18.03.1995

After the inauguration of the 3 Regt SLAOC on 19 March 1995, following senior officers have served as the Commanding Officers.

This Unit was raised as the Advanced Base Ordnance Depot at Minneriya which later on was renamed as the 3 DOU with effect from 19 March 1995. In the year 1997, a plot of land was acquired to this Unit and construction work was carried out as and when the funds were received. By now, this Unit fulfills all the Ordnance support to Forward Maintenance Area (East) ,22 Div , 23 Div and all under comd Bde, Units respectively.

The Ordnance Store Section (Welikanda) was established at the 3 SLEME (Minneriya) on 20 May 1997. By that time, a Forward Ordnance Depot had already been established in Valachchanei and later it was renamed and shifted to Welikanda as Forward Ordnance Depot (Welikanda). This Unit which was known as 3 DOU was renamed as 3 SLAOC by ARO/88/96 dated on18 November 1996.

One billet for the use of ORs was constructed in 1998 and another 2 billets for ORs were constructed in the land given to the Unit in the year 1999. During this period, a temporary mess was constructed and food for other ranks provided by the Unit itself. A welfare shop has been introduce for all ranks. A "BO" sapline was planted and a shrine room was added in 1997. In 1999 temporary depots were established in the new camp premises and the new WOs'& Sgts' Mess and a Billet for ORs were established in 2000. A welfare shop was constructed within a short period of 14 days in January 2003 and it was declared open by Major General WMUR Perera USP (then Brigadier). In 2001, the Unit parade ground was constructed for the Commanding Officers' parade for the Corps Day. A bakery, which was a much felt need of the Officers and ORs was initiated in 2001 and was declared open by the Commander of the 23 Div Major General N Mallawaarachchi RWP USP ndu psc.

A library, indoor sports complex, a telephone booth for civil calls and a workshop was started in 2002. In the same year, all the receipts and issues were computerized and from there onwards all accounting work was done with the use of computers.

In the years 2003 and 2004 ORs' mess and the kitchen, armoury, guard room, main gate, Regimental police building and receipt bay had been constructed and the construction of the parade ground was also completed. In 2006, the headquarters office, stocks control office and Officers' mess located in the 7 SLA camp were shifted to temporary buildings located at camp premises. An officers' mess had been constructed comprising 08 rooms. Within the camp area.

Accounting work done by the Forward Ordnance Depot (Ampara) ceased temporarily on 23 August 2006. Due to operational requirement, Forward Ordnance Depot (Batticaloa) was established at the paper factory (Valachchanei).

Six store houses for the purpose of storing Arms and Ammunition were constructed in 2007 thereby providing stores facilities for Arms and Ammunition and Ordnance equipment for the Eastern Humanitarian Operation. From the latter half of 2007, control and command of the Store Section (Arty Bde) was handed over to the Unit.

In 2008, Arms and Ammunition stored at the 7SLA were shifted to the newly constructed stores and several guard points also constructed for its security. A separate pathway with a stairway leading to the temple constructed and 2 new billets for the living out ORs were constructed by the end of 2008.

Headquarters building was opened on 25 June 2009. The officers' holiday bungalow was opened on 2 April 2009. Asphalt laying of all the roads within the Unit premises and the road leading to the ammunition and explosives stores complex was completed within 2 months.

Following contributions were made by the ordnance troops in forward delivery of ord eqpts and other operational duties.

a. 11 Officers and 260 Other Ranks were on duty during operational periods out of which 5 x 85 were deployed on Forward Ordnance Depot (Trincomalee), Forward Ordnance Depot (Ampara), Store Section (Arty Bde), Store Section Depot Unit (Minneriya) respectively. By that time, 6 officers and 175 Other Ranks were on duty at the Headquarters of the 3 SLAOC. Apart from that, they were also deployed in internal security duties such as route clearing (Habarana to Minneriya) under the instructions of the Security Force Headquarters (East).

b. With the assistance of Civil Defence Force, 3 SLAOC troops were engaged in securing the Main Supply Route (MSR) of the Sector 01 along the road leading to Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa in Palugaswewa, Katukaliyawa, Hingurakgoda and on the Dambulla Trincomalee Road from Digampathana Junction to Habarana Railway line.

c. Security of the AmmUnitions Stores complex was put in place with the help of a considerable number of soldiers. A group of 30 other ranks with one officer under the 23 Div was deployed in internal security functions in Somawathi, Damminna, and Welikanda areas for a period of 2 years.

d. As there was a limited number of AmmUnition Technical Officers and NCOs available in the Unit, their maximum contribution was extended in checking, loading, forward delivery issuing those to Div,Bde,Units.

e. The troops deployed on internal security duty were able to rescue a group of visitors including both locals and foreigners along with 7 jeeps that were trapped within the Minneriya National Park due to floods in 03 May 2014.

Role and Tasks of a Ordnance Unit


To provide effective and efficient Ord supply to all dependent military estbs in AOR whilst ensuring responsibility and accountability in all Ord functions.


  • Advise the SFHQ/DIVs/BDEs/all military estbs in AOR on all Ord functions/matters.
  • Maintenance and by annual update of database of aval human, vehs, machinery, eqpt etc & applicable scales, staff tables relevant to Ord supplies in respective AOR.
  • Provision, receipt, inspection, storage, accounting, maintenance, issue and disposal of all types of Ord stores/vehs except clothing items in respective AOR as per relevant FRs, Treasury circulars, AHQ/DOS instructions and also ensure smooth functioning of Automated Material Management System.
  • Vetting and scrutinizing of demands/all types of Ord stores received to ensure acceptable quality standards and productive Ord supply system to the tps in AOR.
  • Carrying out of all activities involved in the entire procurement cycle for all types of Ord stores through Regional Procurement Committees whilst ensuring 'value for money' and proper financial management.
  • Design and development, manufacture, repair or modify the relevant types of Ord stores through all Ord wksps in the Unit whilst ensuring the acceptable quality standard and proper accounting of all raw materials.
  • Ensure proper accounting and maintenance of sufficient stock reserves of all types of controlled stores as directed by the respective controlling authority in the AOR/AHQ.
  • Conduct of annual Ord inspections in all dependent military estbs in AOR and submission/review progress of such inspection reports to Dte of Ord Svcs/dependent Units in time.
  • Monitor and supervise all Ord functions in all under command FODs/Ofirst & ensure proper accountability, responsibility and maximum productivity.
  • Nominate Ordnance representatives for all types of Bds of surveys in AOR in time and also conduct of trg activities (lectures/seminars etc) in liaison with respective SFHQ/dependent Unit estbs in AOR.
  • Conduct of all types of special to Arm trg incl on the job trg for all Ord functions for all Ord personnel under command within the AOR to ensure high level of technical competence.
  • Maintain op readiness to provide relevant Ord supply assistance to mil/civil authorities during an emergency/disaster situation in the AOR as per SOPs laid down by SFHQ/AHQ.


S/N Name From To
1. Lt Col MZR Sallay USP 19.03.1995 30.11.1996
2. Lt Col CGPV DE Silva ato 23.02.1997 11.03.1999
3. Lt Col LMS Chandrasekara 11.03.1999 09.11.2000
4. Maj BS Vidanage 09.11.2000 03.02.2003
5. Ma SA De C Dassanayake 03.02.2003 23.03.2005
6. Lt Col SA De C Dassanayake 23.03.2005 20.10.2005
7. Maj S Nilaweera 20.10.2005 09.12.2005
8. Lt Col S Nilaweera ato 09.12.2005 07.01.2008
9. Lt Col CU Marasinghe 07.01.2008 02.11.2009
10. Lt Col AN Amarasekara RSP ato 02.11.2009 08.03.2011
11. Maj ADJA Perera AATO (Over Looking) 08.03.2011 25.05.2011
12. Lt Col GA Munasinghe RSP ato 25.05.2011 11.04.2014
13. Lt Col GUS De S Gunawardena 11.04.2014 05.11.2015
14. Lt Col MAV Gunarathne USP ato 05.11.2015 26.12.2017
15. Lt Col RAPAB Dissanayake AATO 26.12.2017 01.01.2020
16. Lt Col WSD Fernando ato Lsc 01.01.2020 04.03.2022
17. Maj W D P K Withana psc AATO (Over Looking) 04.03.2022 14.06.2023
18. Maj BDR Perera psc Lsc AATO (Over Looking) 14.06.2023 Up to Date