Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati


Lt Col Hewapathirana AATO

1.      Lt Col HPAS Hewapathirana AATO, born on 24th Dec 1973, is a proud product of Kurunagala St. Benedict’s College. He commenced his career in the Regular Force of the Sri Lanka Army on 1st December 1997, and completing his basic military training at the Bangalidesh Military Academy,he was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant and assigned to the Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps on 21st Jun 1999.

2.      Throughout his military career, Lt Col HPAS Hewapathirana has held various roles encompassing both operational and non-operational spheres. These positions include GP OFFR of 1 SLAOC (Png), 1 SLAOC (Png) and ARMY CLO DEPOT( KDW), OC of FOD (KDY), FOT - HQ 516 BDE (JFN), SO III of FMA(N) – JFN, MAJ (A&Q) of HQ 633 BDE, OC – Log of KDU(RTM), DY COMDT of ACD (Veyangoda), DY COMDT Seva Vanitha Coord Officer of ACD (Veyangoda), SO 2 (GP - V) & (GP - II) of DTE OF ORD SVCS, SO 2 (GP - V) of DTE OF ORD SVCS. Furthermore, he has served as 2 IC and Seva Vanitha Coord Officer of 6 SLAOC (KLN), SO 2 (ACCT) of RHQ SLAOC, SO 1 (Log) of NDC (CBO), SO 1 (Proc) of ENGR DIV. Currently, Lt Col HPAS Hewapathirana serves as the Commandant of RODC (MLT).

3.      Lt Col HPAS Hewapathirana’s professional development includes participation in numerous local and foreign academic and professional courses. He has completed the, Young Officer Course (ITC), Junior Comd Course at SLMA (Diyathalawa), 1ST ORD BN TRG (Sch of Ord), Basic Ordnance Management Course - 60 (INDIA), Mid Career Course (ORD) - 42 (PAKISTAN), Advance Materials -31(INDIA) (AATO)

4.      In recognition of his service Lt Col HPAS Hewapathirana has been awarded the East Humanitarian Operation Medal, North Humanitarian Operation Medal, Purna Bhumi Padakkama, North And East Operations Medal, Riviresa Campaign Services Medal, Sewabimani Padakkama, Service Medal.