Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati

Central Arms and Ammunition Depot

Central Arms and Ammunition Depot

Headquarters Office Building

Ammunation Depots

Ammunation Depots

As there was lack of space for proper storage of Arms and Ammunition, the Central Arms Depot was established at the premises of SLE Regt, Panagoda, 10 store houses at Dombagoda and 2 store houses in RHQ SLSR at Ambepussa were constructed to store the Ammunition. Further underground and on-ground dumps were obtained from the Government Ammunition depot in Welisara to store Ammunition and Explosive.

On Ground Dumps

Underground Dumps

Since the needs for Arms and Ammunition were increased due to the war, an Ordnance Factory was established in Dombagoda. This facilitated to produce motar and motar bombs for the use of the Army. The 'Kempia' Motar and their bombs are one of the product of this factory.

Then Lt Col DSG Kempitiya USP ato - SLAOC and then Lt Col K Piyasoma SLEME were the pioneers of the produced a gun called K-8 (Kempia) at the Ordnance Factory in Dombagoda. Later both of them were promoted to the rank of Brigadier. Brigadier DSG Kempitiya passed away after his retirement and Brigadier K Piyasoma SLEME is now retired.

Kempia Mortar Launcher 198 mm K 8 (Single Barrel)

Kempia Mortar Launcher 99 mm K 4 (5 Barrels)

A unit was established to refill ammunitions, both small Arms ammunitions and heavy weapon ammunitions, at the Central Arms and Ammunitions Depot (Kosgama) with 1 x 12 disabled Officer/soldiers during the period when Major DSA Dehiwatte ato was serving as the Commandant. Refilled ammunitions were used in annual firing meets. Two 550 RLB machines made in USA have been given for this task and helped refilling of up to 800-1000 rounds per day.

For training sessions, 9mm, 23 mm, 38 mm, 45 mm and 12 bore ammunitions are being refilled and 20,000 and 18,500 rounds have been refilled for training purpose in the years 2013, 2014 respectively.This unit also performs repairment of corroded ammunitions and mortar bombs and also the refilling and repairment of 25 mm pounder ammunitions for guard of honors.

A course on refilling of Ammunition commenced on 30 October 2003 and this initiative still continues as a project. Some of the training Ammunition needed for the Army are refilled through this project. Ammunition repair workshop has also been established. Arty Ammo and type of Motar Bombs were repaired with the help of a group of experts of the Ordnance Factory of Pakistan.

Forward Ordnance depots were established in the following units/locations to issue Arms, Ammunition and Explosive to operational requirements.

  • 2 SLAOC
  • 3 SLAOC
  • 5 SLAOC
  • Ammunition Depot (Welisara)
  • Ammunition Depot (Boyagane)
  • Ammunition Depot (Ambepussa)
  • Ammunition Depot (Puttalam)


Computerizing of weapon numbers released to units started on 20 September 2010. Stock reports were obtained from the each estbs on 01 December 2010 which indicated more than 130,000 discrepancies. They were divided into 13 categories and were resolved under the supervision of Col HL Guruge AATO.

As a result of a discussion held between Col HL Guruge AATO and Mr. HAS Smaraweera, then acting Auditor General, Auditor General Department on 07.10.2010, a group of 8 auditors reported to the Kosgama Camp for the first ever physical stocks inspection of Arms and Ammunition.

With the end of three decades long war, it was felt that inadequacy of space at the stores complex of the Kosgama Camp to store the excess Ammunition and Explosive. Therefore, it was decided to establish the Central Arms and Ammunition Depot at Veyangoda Camp on 28 February 2011 in accordance with proper storing regulations.

The newly renovated Central Arms and Ammunition Depot- Veyangoda was declared open by then Commandant Col HL Guruge AATO on 07.03.2011. Then Colonel JADP Jayathilaka USP ato assumed duties as the Commandant of the Central Arms & Ammunition Depot-Veyangoda on 01 Aug 2011. The Ammunition were shifted from the Kosgama Camp to Veyangoda and stored as per the storing regulations.

Role and Tasks of the Centtral Arms and Ammunition Depot


To provide effective and efficient Ord supply of Arms/ Ammo to all dependent Ord estbs/ local units whilst ensuring responsibility/ accountability and professional/ modern technological/ user friendly approach in all Ord functions.


  • Advise all estbs in Sri Lanka Army on all matters/ functions relevant to Arms & Ammo.
  • Receipt, inspection, storage, accounting, maintenance, fwd delivery/issue, repair & recovery, proof testing and disposal of all types of Arms, Ammo to dependent Ord estbs/local units as per relevant AHQ instrs and also ensure smooth functioning of Automated Wpn/Ammo Management System.
  • Vetting and scrutinizing of all types of Arms, Ammo received both from local & overseas to ensure acceptable quality standards and productive Ord supply system.
  • Ensure Proper accounting & maintenance of sufficient stock reserves of all types of Arms, Ammo as directed by AHQ
  • Conduct of Ammo insps in all dependent military estbs as reqd and submission/review progress of such insp reports to Dte of Ops/Dte of Ord Svcs/ dependent units in time.
  • Carrying out of refilling of ammunition reqd for competitive shooting as dir by Dte of Ops AHQ.
  • Publication/updating of the price index for all types of Arms, Ammo annually.
  • Conduct of special to Arm trg incl on the job trg for all Ord functions in Arms & Ammo for all Ord personnel under command to ensure high level of technical competence among them.
  • Conduct of trg activities (Lectures/Seminars etc) to educate dependant tps on proper storage, care & preservation of Arms/Ammo.
  • Carrying out of all activities in entire procurement cycle for Ord stores for which funds allocated by Dte of Ord Svcs as per laid down procurement procedures whilst ensuring 'value for money' and proper financial management
  • Commandants of CAAD

    S/N Name From To
    1. Lt Col RL Sooriyaarchchi AATO 23.03.1992 20.06.1994
    2. Maj Gen J Jayasuriya USP ndu psc 27-08-2007 16-07-2009
    3. Maj Gen MP Peiris RWP RSP USP ndc psc 16-07-2009 14-07-2013
    4. Maj Gen M Hathurusinghe RSP ndc IG 14-07-2013 26-09-2015
    5. Maj Gen AM Pereera RWP RSP psc 26-09-2015 18-01-2016
    6. Maj Gen GDHK Gunaratne WWV RWP RSP USP ndc psc 18-01-2016 05-09-2016
    7. Maj Gen JR Kulatunga RSP ndc psc 22-09-2016 Up to Now