Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati

Directorate of Ordnance Services

Director Ordnance Service was established in 1950 under the Directorate of Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps which was established on 14 October 1949. Major BG Brecher, an advisor to the Royal Army Ordnance Corps became the first Director of the Dte of Ord Svcs on 11 March 1950.

At the time, Dte of Ord Svcs had been a part of the Army Headquarters and their major duties included policy matters, planning of goods and book keeping. Only the goods procurement division and ports division commenced their duties at the premises in which Arms/Ammunition depot was located while the other divisions, Overseas goods procurement and local goods procurement and finance division, were functioning under the SLAOC Headquarters in Panagoda.

After Lt Col BG Brecher, the last Royal Ordnance officer serving in Ceylon, went back to Britain the vacant post of the Commanding Officer was filled by Lt Col DFT Abeysinghe. From thereon, all the responsibilities in the Director Ordnance Services vested upon him and he was made responsible to the commander of the army on all technical duties related to Ordnances.

On 17 March 1980, the units at Panagoda Cantonment and the Army Headquarters were brought together to form the Dte of Ord Svcs. Administrative and technical duties of the Dte of Ord Svcs came under the purview of the Director, Logistics at AHQ. The first senior supply control and account Officer Major OKP Gunasekara and the officer in-charge of local procurement unit, Capt ML Jayarathne were working under the direction of Commanding officer of SLAOC. Furthermore, the then commanding officer of SLAOC, Lt Col MH Dharmasiri was also overlooking the duties of the Dte of Ord Svcs twice a week.

Thereafter, Major JPA Jayawardene and Major DSG Kempitiya held the Staff appointment in the Dte of Ord Svcs.During the period that followed the restructuring of the establishment of Army Headquarters, the logistics directorates was added to the Army headquaters’ establishement. Accordingly, in March 1982, Directorate of Ordnance Services commenced its work in the St’ John’s Ambulance Service building at the Army Headquarters with 3 Officers and 10 Other Ranks. Major T Shivashanmugam had been its acting Director of Directorate of Ordnance Services. In order to avoid administrative constrains initially established Directorate of Ordnance renamed as Ordnance Procurement Company. Technical duties were vested under the Directorate of Ordnance Services while the administrative duties were vested under the RHQ SLAOC. These changes were carried out under the direction of Major T Shivashanmugam of SLAOC who was serving as the acting Commanding Officer of RHQ SLAOC in April 1983.

From there onwards, the earlier Directorate of Ordnance became to be known as the ‘Ordnance Procurement Company and Major DSG Kempitiya ato and Capt ST Abeyratne served as Officer Commanding and deputy respectively. Subsequantly Capt ST Abeyratne was promoted to the rank of Major and taken over the Officer Commanding appoinment Until the Ordnance Procurement Company was approved in 1991, this continued as 'Ordnance Procurement Company'.

Lt Col T Shivashanmugam while serving as the Commanding Officer of RHQ SLAOC was also serving as the acting Director of the Directorate of Ordnance Services until January 1985. Then, Lt Col EDI de Fonseka (Subsequantly promoted to Rank of Colonel) served as the Director Ordnance Services until August 1986. Lt Col T Sivashanmugam was again appointed as the Director, Ordnance Sevices.

Therefore, the first senior officer to have held the appointment of Director, Directorate of Ordnance was Col EDI De Fonseka followed by Lt Col T Sivashanmugam. The undermentioned senior officers who held the appointment of Director Ordnance Service.

Role & Tasks of Directorate of Ordnance Services


To Provide and ensure quality ordnance supply to all military establishments in the army whilst ensuring higher productivity, value for money and transparency in all ordnance technical functions.


- Tasks of the Directorate of Ordnance Services are as follows

  • To advise the Master General Ordnance and through him the Commander of the Army on all ordnance technical matters.
  • Preparation of Annual Recurrent and Capital Estimates in terms of existing budgetary policy.
  • Preparation of annual procurement plan in respect of Stationary, Uniforms, FAMTO, Barks Stores, General Items, Furniture and Office Equipment in terms of the current approved equipment/scale policies.
  • Monitoring, supervision and control of vote allocations and submit monthly expenditure returns to the relevant directorates
  • .
  • Allocation of funds for BOD/Ordnance Regiments in order to purchase items through MPC, RPC under DOS vote allocations.
  • Preparation and updating of specification booklets for items purview to the ordnance directorate.
  • Supervision monitoring and execution of annual Master Procurement Plan.
  • Appointment of TEC for purchases value not exceeding Rs. 2 Million.
  • Preparation of equipment table and scales.
  • Maintenance of Approved Designs, Patterns and Samples of Materials, Footwear Accoutrement, Insignia, Badges, Buttons etc.
  • Market Survey and selection of suppliers.
  • Planning of Ammunition and Explosive Inspections, implementation and evaluation of inspection report.
  • Planning of annual stock taking inspections and review progress reports in Ordnance, Depots, Regiments, FODs and OSSs.
  • Monitoring and reviewing of the progress of ordnance inspection carried out by the Depots/Regiments.
  • Monitoring and supervision of accuracy and timely functioning of the Automated Martial Management System.
  • Planning of manufacturing, repairing and stitching of ordnance items through Work Shops in Depots/Regiments.
  • Planning smooth functioning of all ordnance installations including stocking policy and stocking levels.
  • Continues monitoring of the existing stores procedures and updating by suitable amendments as and when required.
  • Arranging technical courses for ordnance personnel conducted by the government and civil institutions.

Directors of Ordnance Services

S/N Rank Name From To
01. Colonel EDI De Fonseka 10.03.1984 26.07.1986
02. Brig T Sivashanmugam USP 26.07.1986 01.10.1992
03. Brig L Kulathunga USP 02.10.1992 28.03.1998
04. Brig JPA Jayawardana USP 28.03.1998 17.01.2000
05. Colonel DSG Kempitiya ato 17.01.2000 28.12.2000
06. Maj Gen LLA Fernando USP 28.12.2000 26.09.2002
07. Brig CJ Kottahacchchi AATO 26.09.2002 01.11.2004
08. Maj Gen ST Abeyrathna USP 01.11.2004 20.06.2005
09. Brig LB Aluvihare USP psc AATO 20.06.2005 11.07.2006
10. Brig MZR Sallay USP 11.07.2006 13.01.2009
11. Brig RV Udawatta psc ato 13.01.2009 27.06.2013
12. Brig HGI Vidyananda USP AATO Lsc 28.06.2013 27.10.2016
13. Brig H M U B Herath RSP USP AATO Lsc 27.10.2016 05.07.2018
14. Brig W A P M Wijesinghe RSP AATO 05.07.2018 28.08.2019
15. Maj Gen C U Marasinghe RSP USP 28.08.2019 08.09.2020
16. Maj Gen MEP Weerasinghe USP ato 08.09.2020 19.01.2022
17. Brig GKI Vithanachchi ato 20.01.2022 22.08.2022
18. Maj Gen GKI Vithanachchi ato 23.08.2022 18.11.2022
19. Brig G A Munasinghe RSP ato 19.11.2022 12.09.2023
20. Maj Gen G A Munasinghe RSP ato 13.09.2023 29.10.2023
21. Col RAPAB Dissanayake AATO (Over Looking) 30.10.2023 19.12.2023
22. Brig BRA Jayarathna USP ato 20.12.2023 Up to Date