Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati


Maj PHSNK Paskuwell USP ato Lsc

1.      Maj PHSNK Paskuwell USP ato Lsc, who was born on 28 January 1977 is a proud product of Devapathiraja college, Rathgama. This Senior Officer joined the regular force of Sri Lanka Army on 06th July 1999 as an Officer Cadet of intake 50. Upon successful completion of basic military training at Sri Lanka Military Academy, Diyathalawa, he was commissioned in the rank of Second Lieutenant and posted to the Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps on 30th June 2001.

2.       During his military career, he has held various appointments in both operational and non operational areas including Group officer -1 SLAOC (PNG),Group officer -3 SLAOC (MIN) , PL Comd /OC -HQ 231 BDE (WLK) and FOT(WLK),Staff Officer Grade III -RHQ SLAOC (PNG),Officer Commanding - CAD(PNG),Adjutant -1SLAOC (PNG),Stock Control Officer -5 SLAOC(KKS),Second In Command 5SLAOC(KKS),Staff Officer II (ACCT)-RHQ SLAOC, Stock Control Officer -1 SLAOC (PNG),Second In Command/SCO -1 SLAOC (PNG),Staff Officer 2 (GP-II) Over Look Duties Of SO 1-Directorate of Ordnance Services (AHQ),Staff Officer 2 (GP IV)- Directorate Of Ordnance Services, Staff Officer 2(LOG)-Sri Lanka Military Academy Diyathalawa, Chief Instructor -School Of Ordnance, Chief Instructor and Over Looking Commandant-School Of Ordnance, Staff Officer 2(GP -VI)-Directorate Of Ordnance Services (AHQ).Presently , senior officer is serving as commanding officer -6th Regiment of Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps-Kilinochchi.

3.      To his credit, he has attended a number of local and foreign courses of academic and professional value. It includes post graduate diploma (Logistics Management - Kotalawala Defense University) Logistics Staff Course 01-ASL (TCO) ,Basic Ordnance Management Course-66 (INDIA),Ammunition maintenance and Repair Engineering Course (CHINA),Mid Career Course(ORD) -48 IN Pakistan and Foreign Study Tour For The Logistics Staff Course (PAKISTAN).

4.      The Senior Officer has been conferred with Uththama Seva Padakkama, East Humanitarian Operation Medal, North Humanitarian operation Medal, Sri Lanka Armed Long Services Medal 1979, Purna bumi padakkama, North and East Medal, Sewabhimani Padakkama during his illustrious service in the Army.

5.       He is married to Mrs. Dilusha Surangi and blessed with one loving daughter named Dinethmee Anujana and two loving sons named Yewin Banuja and Binon Chathunija.