Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati

Army Clothing Depot

Due to prolong war the number of soldiers and officers were increased. As a result number of Divs/Bdes/RHQs/Training schools also incresed. Therfore inadequacy of present storing facilities for the goods acquired by the Army was directly felt.

As a solution to this, a one acre three roots and twenty three and a half perch land and its buildings belonged to Ceylon Tobacco Cooperation located adjoining Rammuthugala Rajasinghe Vidyalaya was acquired by the Army on 25 February 1987 as a Sub Depot under the BOD (PNG).

Then Lt(QM) S Narangoda SLAOC served as first Officer Commanding. Soldiers were nominated from the BOD once in two weeks for its security duties. The Clothing Depot was under command to BOD (PNG) from 25 February 1987 to 31 June 1992.

After the establishment of the Base Ordnance Depot Maradana on 1 July 1992, Army Clothing Depot - Kadawatha responsibilities vested again under the Base Ordnance Depot till 23 December 2009. According to the Army Routine Order No: ARO/109/2009-G/SD/51/4 dated 24 December 2009, Army Clothing Depot was raised with a strength of 5 x 90 soldiers as a self accounting unit with effect from 18 September 2009. Its first Commandant was then Major JS Weerakoon AATO and under him 3 Officers, 13 SNCOs , 54 ORs were served.

Thereafter, a land belonged to the Veyangoda Textiles Mills Company (Veytex) was acquired by the Army and after renovated the Army Clothing Depot was shifted from Rammuthugala to Veyangoda. The Army Clothing Depot (Veyangoda) commence its function on 30 March 2011. The present Commandant of the Army Clothing Depot is Lt Col CS Dissanayake ato SLAOC. It now consists of 3 officers, 8 SNCOs and 72 ORs and it cater for 107 Army establishments.

Past Officer Commanding Clothing Depot and Commandant of the Army Clothing Depot since its inception at Rammuthugala till date is mentioned below.

Role and Tasks of Army Clothing Depot


To provide effective and efficient Ord supply of all types of Clothing, Welfare & Sports items to all dependent Ord estbs/local units whilst ensuring responsibility/ accountability and professional/modern technological /user friendly approach in all Ord functions.


  • Maintenance and bi-annual update of database of aval tps, and applicable scales, staff tables relevant to Ord supply of all types of Clothing, Welfare and Sports items to all dependent Ord estbs/ local units.
  • Provision, receipt, inspection, storage, accounting, maintenance, fwd delivery/ issue of all types of Clothing items to dependent Ord estbs/ local units as per relevant scales/ DOS instr and also ensure smooth functioning of Automated Material Management System.
  • Vetting and scrutinizing of all types of Clothing, Welfare & Sports items received both from local & overseas to ensure acceptable quality standards and productive Ord supply system.
  • Holding/safe custody of approved samples/specs of relevant Clothing, Welfare & Sports items for references as required by AHQ/ TECs and Scrutinizing teams.
  • Ensure Proper accounting & maintenance of sufficient stock reserves of all types of Clothing, Welfare & Sports items as directed by Dte of Ord Svcs, other relevant Dtes.
  • Publication/updating of the price index for all types of Clothing items annually.
  • Conduct of special to Arm trg incl on the job trg for all Ord functions of Clothing items for all Ord personnel under command to ensure high level of technical competence among them.

Officer Commanding Clothing Depot

S/N Rank Name From To
01. Capt (QM) S Narangoda 15.07.1991 14.03.1992
02. Capt (QM) B Chandradasa 14.03.1992 10.05.1992
03. Capt (QM) S Narangoda 10.05.1992 25.11.1992
04. Maj L M S Chandrasekara 25.11.1992 21.03.1995
05. Capt BSG Nanayakkara 21.03.1995 03.08.1999
06. Maj GGD Gunasekara 03.08.1999 20.02.2001
07. Maj HMUB Herath RSP AATO Lsc 20.02.2001 18.05.2001
08. Maj SHM Thilakarathna AATO 18.05.2001 22.04.2002
09. Maj SMAK Wanasinghe ato 22.04.2002 03.07.2002
10. Maj SHM Thilakaratne AATO 03.07.2002 14.07.2003
11. Maj LK Kottearachchi Lsc 17.07.2003 02.09.2004
12. Maj SMWBN Thalagahawatta ato 02.09.2004 15.06.2005
13. Maj AS Waduge RSP 15.06.2005 02.07.2008
14. Maj NAWP Perera ato 02.07.2008 21.10.2009
15. Maj JS Weerakoon AATO 21.10.2009 24.12.2009

Commandants of ACD

S/N Rank Name From To
01. Maj JS Weerakoon AATO 24.12.2009 11.04.2010
02. Lt Col JS Weerakoon AATO 11.04.2010 10.04.2012
03. Maj GUS De S Gunawardena 10.04.2012 01.11.2012
04. Lt Col GUS De S Gunawardena 01.11.2012 07.04.2014
05. Lt Col G K I Vithanachchi ato 07.04.2014 06.08.2014
06. Lt Col CS Dissanayake ato 06.08.2014 13.01.2016
07. Lt Col RAPAB Dissanayake AATO 13.01.2016 18.12.2017
08. Lt Col WMAN Warnasuriya ato 18.12.2017 27.09.2018
09. Lt Col Warushavithana ato 27.09.2018 06.12.2019
10. Maj JGS Eranda Lsc 06.12.2019 04.03.2020
11. Lt Col VPAP Hapuarchchi ato 04.03.2020 02.02.2022
12. Lt Col P G C S WIJERATHNE ato Lsc 03.02.2022 07.07.2022
13. Lt Col R A C Rupasinghe ato 07.07.2022 Up to Date