Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati


Maj I A Wedagedara psc ato SLAOC


The OC Tps SLAOC(MLT) was temporarily established at the Mullaitivu Army cantonment on 10 February 2010 to fulfill the ordnance requirements of the Security Forces Headquarters(MLT) AOR. Maj DMVV Dissanayake ato had been appointed as the 1st OC Tps SLAOC(MLT). Later on 50 acre land had been acquired and constructed all amenities including Depots, NCO’s Billets, Regimental Police, Guard Room and a commanding officer’s challet with the guidance of then CO maj DMVV Dissanayake ato. Thereafter, OC Tps SLAOC(MLT) was upgraded as the 7th Regiment SLAOC on 01 August 2011 & Lt Col RG Herathge ato had been appointed as the 1st commanding officer.

Construction of the Thuru Sevana holiday resort was began on 22 September 2012 and was declared open by then Colonel Commandant Brig MZR Sallay USP on 17 December 2013.

Role and Tasks of a Ordnance Unit


To provide effective and efficient Ord supply to all dependent military estbs in SFHQ (MLT) AOR while ensuring responsibility and accountability in all Ord functions. .


  • Advise the SFHQ (MLT)/ Divs/ all military estbs in SFHQ (MLT) AOR on all Ord functions/matters.
  • Maintenance and annual update of database of aval human, vehs, machinery, eqpt etc & applicable scales, staff tables relevant to Ord supplies in SFHQ (MLT) AOR.
  • Provision, receipt, inspection, storage, accounting, maintenance, issue and disposal of all types of Ord stores in SFHQ (MLT) AOR as per relevant FRs, treasury circulars, AHQ/ DOS instructions and also ensure smooth functioning of Automated Material Management System.
  • Vetting and scrutinizing of demands/all types of Ord stores received to ensure acceptable quality standards and productive Ord supply system to the tps in SFHQ (MLT) AOR.
  • Carrying out of all activities in entire procurement cycle for all types of Ord stores through Regional Procurement Committees whilst ensuring “value for money” and proper financial management.
  • Design & development, manufacture, repair or modify the relevant types of Ord stores in the 7 SLAOC whilst ensuring the acceptable quality standard and proper accounting of all raw materials.
  • Ensure proper accounting & maintenance of sufficient stock reserves of all types of controlled stores as directed by the respective controlling authority in the SFHQ (MLT) AOR/ AHQ.
  • Conduct of annual Ord inspections in all dependent military estbs in SFHQ (MLT) AOR and submission/review progress of such inspection reports to Dte of Ord Svcs/ dependent units in time .
  • Monitor and supervise all Ord functions in under command OSS- MLT to ensure proper accountability, responsibility and maximum productivity.
  • Nominate Ordnance representatives for all types of Bds of surveys in SFHQ (MLT) AOR in time and also conduct of trg activities (lectures/seminars etc) in liaison with respective SFHQ/dependent unit estbs in SFHQ (MLT) AOR.
  • Conduct of all types of special to Arm trg incl on the job trg for all Ord functions for all Ord personnel under command within the SFHQ (MLT) AOR to ensure high level of technical competence.
  • Perform any duty assigned by the Commander of the Army.


S/N Name From To
1. 2/Lt KHMJ Ananda Kumara (Over looking) 10.02.2010 19.04.2010
2. Maj DMVV Dissanayake ato 20.04.2010 01.08.2011


S/N Name From To
1. Maj DMVV Dissanayake ato (Over looking) 25.10.2010 05.07.2011
2. Lt Col RG Herathge AATO 01.08.2011 08.09.2014
3. Lt Col KPNSK Kariyawasam AATO Lsc 08.09.2014 26.09.2016
4. Lt Col RA Krishantha AATO 26.09.2016 30.09.2018
5. Lt Col WKSP Walakanda USP ato Lsc 30.09.2018 26.09.2020
6. Maj A M R H B Abeysinghe USP AATO Lsc 26.09.2020 30.08.2022
7. Maj I A Wedagedara psc ato 30.08.2022 Up to Date