Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati


The gallant security forces of Sri Lanka were able to shatter the attitude which had been profoundly instilled in mindsets of international communities on the indestructible nature of the terrorist organization and to liberate the country mesmerizing the entire world from the ruthless terrorism which had engulfed the motherland for nearly three decades. It is very apparent that the ever-memorable glorious victory was gained through solid political and administrative leadership and the indomitable determination and dedication of armed forces. The courageous and supportive force behind this chronological victory by rendering an extraordinary incomparable silent service was none other than the spouse of the warrior.

The spouse was thoroughly accustomed to his generous service in the battlefield and thereby she shouldered all household responsibilities and obligations in no hesitation. Under such atmospheres, she tolerated all adversities and difficulties. This aided the valiant field soldier to fight over the enemy in gigantic strength, mental comfort and tranquil psyche. It must be undeniably accepted that war heroes' spouses became an influential factor to attain the ever amazing triumph in our history.

Moreover, having well-organized within the regiment, they nursed the wounded and differently able soldiers to boldly regain physical recovery while elevating their mental status with indomitable courage. And also they launched a varied welfare campaigns on behalf of them.

With the expansion of war Sri Lanka Army Organization also nourished by strength, techniques and the aspect of Logistics support. At the same time the victims of war and the number of brave solders sacrificed their lives also increased. Therefore the Army Seva Vanitha Branch also happen to expend suit to the present requirement.

As a result of that Regimental Seva Vanitha Branchers were established. And started various activities to uplift the welfare and living stranded of the Officers and Solders fighting in heavy battle front.

As the regimental history Ordnance Seva Vanitha Branch started in this same environment and the initial seeds were laid in the period of 1998/99 period and now it is cultivated as a large tree providing a massive shade for all members of the Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps.

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