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Sri Lanka Army Ordanance Corp Association

Though there is no written evidence on the establishment of an Ex-Servicemen's Association, initial discussions had taken place in this regard at the residence of Lt Colonel D F T Abeysinghe (Retd) in the 1978 at 35/1, Wijerama Street, Colombo - 03

During this period, the then acting commanding officer of SLAOC, Maj T Sivashanmugam called for a meeting to discuss the establishment of an ex-servicemen's association at the auditorium of the Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association, Bristol Street, Colombo 01 on 24 February 1979.

In this meeting, Col D F T Abeysinghe was unanimously selected as the first President of the SLAOC Ex-servicemen's Association.
Captain S Wignaraja and Captain D P Baddewithana were selected as the Secretary and the Treasurer respectively.

Lifetime Membership

Those who have served the Ceylon Ordnance Corps and Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps (Regular or Voluntary) are eligible to obtain the membership of the Association.

SLAOC Ex-servicemen's Association obtained its affilitation to the Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association as the 13th affiliated association in June 1981.

Presidents of the Association

Lt Col DFT Abeysinghe 24.02.1979 18.12.1983
Col AADB Perera 19.12.1983 26.07.1992
Col EDI De Fonseka 27.07.1992 09.05.1993
Capt AT Thambugala 10.05.1993 25.07.1993
Brig GR Jayasinghe 26.07. 1993 28.07.1996
Capt AT Thambugala 26.07.1996 22.02.1998
Maj Deshakeerthi GM Piyadasa JP 23.02.1998 23.02.2003
Brig Deshakeerthi JPA Jayawardhana 24.02.2003 To Date

Secretaries of the Association

Capt S Wignaraja 24.02.1979 18.12.1983
Col EDI De Fonseka 19.12.1983 26.07.1992
Deshakeerthi GM Piyadasa JP 19.12.1983 26.07.1992
Maj Deshakeerthi GM Piyadasa JP 25.02.2007 23.02.1998
Deshakeerthi BAI Perera 26.05.2007 22.02.2009
Deshakeerthi VD Gunasena 23.02.2009 21.02.2010
GS De Silva JP & NP 22.02.2010 To Date

Treasurers of the Association

Capt DA Baddewithana 24.02.1979 20.01.1980
Col EDI De Fonseka 21.01.1980 28.02.1981
MK De Silva 29.02.1981 28.02.1999
Deshakeerthi SR William 29.02.1999 22.02.2004
Deshakeerthi Henry Kandage JP 23.02.2004 21.02.2010
G Premathilaka Bandara JP 22.02.2010 To Date

A death donation association was established according to a proposal made by the Association's then President A A D B Perera on 27 May 1984. The donation which started with Rs. 2,000 has been increased to Rs. 25,000. Up to now, a total amount of Rs. 520,000 has been granted towards 52 funerals of members

In its Annual General Meeting held on 28 February 1999, the Associaition's name has been amended as 'Sri Lanka Army Ordanance Corp Association' (SLAOCA)

In the year 2000, a bi-annual newsletter titled 'Thunder' was launched by the then president of the Association, Deshakeerthi G M Piyadasa.
Its first issue was distributed among its members at its annual general meeting held on 28 February 2000. Its 25th issue was released in January 2012. A number of fund raising activities such as stage dramas and musical shows organized towards the welfare of its membrs

The Silver Jubilee of the Association was celebrated on 23 October 2004. As part of it, a photography Exhibition was organized by Brigadier J P A Jayawardhana USP in November 2004

The thirtieth-year anniversary celebration of the Association was held on 12 September 2009 and as part of it, an eye clinic was held and a total number of 31 spectacles were distributed among the Association's members

Awards Received

President's Award - the following members have been awarded the 'Desha Keerthi' president's award, the first ever honourary award ceremony organized by the Pensions Department, on 05 October 2007

  • Brigadier JPA Jayawardhana USP
  • Major GM Piyadasa JP
  • Mr. WDJ Jothipala
  • Mr. VD Gunasekara
  • Mr. BAI Perera
  • Mr. SR William
  • Mr. Henry Kandage

The following mebers have been able to obtain the lifetime membership of the SLAOCA

  • Major General T Siwashanmugam
  • Brigadier GR Jayasinghe
  • Major GM Piyadasa
  • Captain RR Alwis JP
  • Mr. WDJ Jothipala JP
  • Mr. VT Gunasena
  • Mr. JR Athapaththu
  • Mr. SR William
  • Mr. WA Somadasa USP


The Best Looser Trophy in the six-a-side soft ball tournament organized by the Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association and runner's-up in the billiard and snooker tournament. Winning of the billiard and snooker trophy in 2005

In 2008, an amount of Rs.15 lakhs and a 2 acre plot of land adjoining the Dombagoda Regimental Headquarters was gifted by the then Commander of the Army for the construction of the SLAOCA office. The SLAOCA office was declared open on 21 February 2010

A proposal to establish a communication centre, Tailoring shop, and a shoe reparing centre and a plantataion of cinnamon in 2 acres is underway. The income generated through these will be used for the welfare of the members

President of the Association, Brigadier JPA Jayawardhana USP msmm, when he was serving as the President, Media and Promotions, Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association (during 2011-12), was able to get the opportunity to publish latest news about the Sri Lanka Ex-servicemen's Association and its affiliated Associations in the Daily News and Dinamina newspapers every Thursday

At present, the Association's lifetime membership is 539, related membership 119, and afflilated membership is 1309. The membership of the death grants fund is 206. 79 spouses of members have also obtained the membership