Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati


To counter the LTTE "PASILAN 2000" Mortar, Brig (Late) BSG Kempitiya & Brig K Piyasoma SLEME introduced the "KEMPIYA" mortar gun. The idea had been initiated by (Late) Lieutenant General Densil Kobbakaduwa In the year 1992 the Ordnance Factory was established to manufacture the Kempiya gun & its ammunition. It was the 1st Factory to produce weapon & ammunition in the Sri Lankan Army history. TRIP FLAIRS were also manufactured at the Ordnance Factory and provided to the operational troops. Presently these pride Armaments are laid down in RHQ SLAOC premises as Exhibit Guns.

Bellow photographs show the manufacturing and history of the "KEMPIYA" mortar gun in Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps.