Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps

Sua Tela Tonati

30th January 2024 11:17:48 Hours


The Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the SLAOC Seva Vanitha Branch in 2024 transpired on the 27th of January, held under the esteemed patronage of the Commander Forward Maintenance Area (North) and the Colonel Commandant SLAOC, Major General EMM. Fernando Hdmc Lsc AATO, within the distinguished confines of the conference hall at the School of Ordnance, Dombagoda. The AGM was presided over by the Honorable President of the SLAOC Seva Vanitha Branch, Mrs. Iresha Fernando, and was graced by the presence of the Seva Vanitha Branch Executive Committee and its esteemed members with some spouses of Other Ranks.

Upon arrival, Mrs. Iresha Fernando, the President of SLAOC Seva Vanitha Branch, was cordially received by the Vice President and other members of the SLAOC Seva Vanitha Branch. Subsequently, the event commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the traditional oil lamp by the President, joined by several other distinguished members of the Branch. Following the recitation of the Seva Vanitha Anthem, a moment of profound reflection ensued, as all participants observed a two-minute silence to express sincere gratitude and honor the memory of fallen war heroes who sacrificed their lives in defense of the motherland.

Furthermore, President Mrs. Iresha Fernando underscored the paramount importance of fostering unity and cultivating positive attitudes among members to collectively pursue and achieve the noble objectives of Seva Vanitha. As a significant facet of the proceedings, valuable gift packs were generously donated to 10 civil staff members facing need, and monetary aid was extended to a selected family, aligning with the benevolent vision of the Honorable President of the Seva Vanitha Branch.

In alignment with the overall program, members of the SLAOC Seva Vanitha Branch, along with senior officers and other dignitaries, participated in the ceremonial opening of the SLAOC Seva Vanitha building. The Commander Forward Maintenance Area (North) and the Colonel Commandant of SLAOC, Major General EMM Fernando Hdmc Lsc AATO, officiated the building's inauguration as the chief guest, following an invitation extended by the Centre Commandant of Sri Lanka Army Ordnance Corps, Colonel KMAWK Perera AATO.

Lastly, the day's events for the Annual General Meeting concluded with an entertaining session, culminating in a well-arranged lunch.