Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead


  • Transform a civilian into a gentleman/ lady officer cadet with a structured and progressive training schedule.
  • Impart basic knowledge on military craft and transform an officer cadet into a soldier.
  • Develop the physical stamina and mental robustness within officer cadets to take up every physical challenge in future engagements and be a role model to subordinates in demanding situations.
  • Impart knowledge on basic tactics, techniques and military procedures, basics of marksmanship and other essential military attributes of command, control, administration, logistics, organising and troop leading procedures in officer cadets in order to ensure that they will effectively lead troops in war and peace.
  • Groom officer cadets while ensuring the highest level of discipline within them through developing and respecting cadets’ “Honour Code” enriching the essential moral attributes in military leadership.
  • Develop the essential leadership qualities to mould the competence of a potential young officer and gentleman/lady to perform duties in the capacity of platoon leader during war and peace.
  • Impart knowledge on social etiquette among officer cadets to ensure the display of exemplary behaviour as young officers.