Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead


  • To equip officer cadets with basic military skills and techniques required by junior leaders enabling them to command, administrate, train and lead troops in peace and war.
  • To inculcate and enhance military leadership qualities of an army officer.
  • To impart academic knowledge in order to build a firm intellectual foundation to become a graduate officer who is geared to learn from all available sources and impart knowledge to his or her subordinates and troops.
  • To foster and inspire high character in officer cadets with essential moral attributes of a prospective leader.
  • To develop essential physical attributes in officer cadets to meet the standards required in the career of an army officer to lead troops in war and peace.
  • To teach officer cadets professional and social conduct, so that he or she will be in the forefront of national security as well as in the process of creating the social and ethnic harmony on which the future of the country depends.