Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

01st March 2024 15:18:44 Hours


As a concept of the present Commandant, a typical waste management system in the camp premises of the SLMA was recently implemented as all-time solution for both organic and inorganic garbage issue of the camp. Also, this project aimed at making the SLMA a model for Waste Management in the Garrison City-Diyatalawa.

As a big stride of this novel project, an awareness lecture was held on 28 February 2024 at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium for all Academy personnel, and it was comprehensively conducted by Captain Manoj Dharmarathna of the Sri Lanka Signal Corps by covering sensitive subject areas such as drastic damages done by the human being to the environment, irresponsible resource utilization, unavoidable consequences of mother nature, adoption of simple but important practices in preserving the environment today for tomorrow and obligations of the military men to the country by protecting the environment, progression of the currently implemented Waste Management System in the Camp premises and a proposal to install a few ‘Resource Units’ , ‘Resource Shelter’ under the newly established ‘Eco Unit|’ at the SLMA to regulate the wholistic Waste Management System in long-run.

This timely important and fruitful lecture was attended by all Wing Heads, Officers, Other Ranks, Officer Cadets , Civilian Staff and family members of Academy Married Quarters, and finally all the participants were disposed with the takeaway of the lecture, “We are the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it” - A former President of the USA , Barack Obama.