Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

01st March 2024 15:17:07 Hours


‘Drill’ always forms the cornerstone of a military man’s life. On the top of which, drill is taught from the beginning of any military training in order to produce disciplinary soldiers. In pursue of this objective, a ten-day Basic Drill Instructor Basic Course with the assistance of three professional Drill Instructors from the School of Ceremonial United Kingdom was conducted at the SLMA for the second consecutive year as a concept of the Defence Attaché of the United Kingdom to Sri Lanka and the Republic of Maldives, Colonel Paul Clayton in collaboration with the Ministry of Defence and the Directorate of Training of the Sri Lanka Army.

On 19 Feb, its Opening Address was held at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the participation of forty Drill Instructors (DIs); 24 DIs from the Army, 8 DIs from the Navy and 8 DIs from the Air Force. During the Commandant’s Address, the Commandant made all these DIs clear about the objectives of the programme; reinforcing their exciting drill competence and building of comradeship with DIs of sister services.

On 28 Feb, the Drill Instructor Refresher Course reached its destination with a charming Certificate Awarding Ceremony held at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the presence of the Commandant, Maj Gen MT Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest. At the Certificate Awarding Ceremony, all participants of the Course were awarded with certificates of achievements in successful completion of their Basic Drill Instructor Course while the excellent drill performance of a few outstanding students, namely Colour Sergeant Chandra Kumara MAS RSP of Gajaba Regiment, Chief Petty Officer Pathirana PMD RSP of the Sri Lanka Navy and Sergeant Perera RMYN of the Sri Lanka Air Force were appreciated with special awards during the Awarding Ceremony. Meanwhile, the dedication and commitment of the Drill Instructors of the United Kingdom Royal Army; Warrant Officer 1 B Townkey, Colour Sergeant A Duff and Colour Sergeant J Macgahan were also credited and their generous service was acclaimed with the award of tokens of appreciation by the Chief Guest. In return, the UK Drill Instructors presented mementos to the Sri Lanka Military Academy in complement to the hospitality extended by the Academy.

By speaking to all the recipients and the audience, the Chief Guest stressed upon the golden opportunity that the local DIs of tri forces gained in following the Basic Drill Instructor Course and advised them on the importance of imparting the acquired knowledge and expertise among military personnel to enhance the passion of drill within all sister services in time to come.