Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

27th February 2024 10:02:09 Hours


On 24 Feb 2024, a batch of 248 trainee Officer Cadets including 25 Other Ranks Instructors and 9 Officers from the KDU stationed at the Sri Lanka Military Academy as a destination of their annual Study Tour. On their stepping to the Military Academy, a warm welcome was extended at the main entrance by the Senior Officer Cadets of the Academy and at the inception, they were educated on the significance and hidden meaning of the sacred Parade Ground, War Memorial and the Mission Structure by a few trainee Cadets. Then, the Adjutant-Officer Cadets Wing formally welcomed all of these guests to the Military Academy while imparting a comprehensive knowledge on the role and responsibilities of the Military Academy along with a documentary video, played at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium. Then, the Cadets were taken to the Academy museum, located at Ella Camp to acquire some knowledge about the historical significance and great milestones of the SLMA. Meanwhile, an interactive session held at the Officer Cadets’ Mess allowed the trainees of both institutes to share their experiences collected through their military life, and also all got an opportunity to appear for a group photograph on the step of the Cadets’ Mess. Finally, a special lunch was hosted to these students at the Officer Cadets’ Mess by extending hospitality. In fact, the SLMA takes immense pleasure in accommodating these KDU students under her shade during their Study Tour for a short while.