Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

06th November 2023 09:55:41 Hours


As a concept of the two neighbouring armies of the region, a Cadet Exchange programme between the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) and Indian Military Academy (IMA) liaised by the Directorate of Training took place from 30 October to 04 November 2023, where three Officers, four Officer Cadets and a Senior Non-commissioned Officer visited IMA. In parallel to this visit, a series of activities were organized by the IMA. Firstly, all the Officer Cadets of the SLMA delegation joined Indian Officer Cadets with their PT sessions. Then, they witnessed an introductory presentation conducted by the Training team-IMA to give an overview on the military training provided by the IMA. Also, as a part of the tour, the delegation paid a visit to the Library and Museum of IMA, field exercise area of Exercise Sarpvinash aimed at imparting knowledge and experience on Counter Insurgency and Counter Terrorist operations. Finally, the Deputy Commandant of IMA joined the Sri Lankan delegation with an interactive session at a special tea party. After a successful and memorable visit to IMA, the delegation returned to Sri Lanka on 05 November 2023.