Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

06th December 2023 09:39:31 Hours


The term "Counter-Revolutionary Warfare" (CRW) refers to a set of strategies used by militaries all over the world to prepare their soldiers to fight in hostile geographies in extreme climates. The Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) extends this experience and exposure to its trainee officer cadets when they reach their final term with the Field Exercise Wanabambara, which is conducted in two phases: Special Forces Training School package and CRW package for twenty five days.

The Officer Cadets of Intake 92, 92B, SC 20 and 92A participated in the Wanabambara Exercise conducted from 23 October to 16 November 2023 at forest reserves of Omanugala, Baron's Cap, Walamandiya, Nelugala and Aranaganwila.

The first phase was designed to orientate the officer cadets to acquire the required knowledge and skills in coping with specific terrains to achieve operational objectives. Hence, they were educated on Confidence Training, Urban Obstacle Crossing, Circuit Training, Demonstrations on Field Crafts, Military Reconnaissance, Firing Techniques and Movements, Battle Inoculation, Survival Activities and Training, Orientation and Confidence Marches.

The second phase was to give them an in-depth knowledge and meticulous training to apply their theoretical CRW knowledge skillfully in practical circumstances in the face of threatening and demanding situations. Hence, a series of exercises, demonstrations, discussions were held with the conduct of a long march, day and night ambushes, raids, casualty evacuation operations (CASEVAC), Tactical Exercises Without Troops (TEWT), Combat Tracking, Harbouring and Routine Activities, protection of Defence Zone (DZ) and the Final Count Down operation. By the end of their CRW package, Exercise Debriefing was too held while extending the trainees with an experience of a Camp Fire by marking the conclusion of the Exercise Wanabambara.

At the final stage of the Exercise, the Commandant of the SLMA, Major General MTI Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc along with other senior officers visited the exercise areas to observe the proper conduct of the Exercise in order to meet the educational and training purposes of the Exercise.