Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

28th November 2023 18:01:39 Hours


Having successfully completed their Military Orientation Package for a period of three and half months, five lady and five gentleman Probationary Officers of Direct Enlisted Course I - 2023, belonging to the professions of Medical, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Civil Engineering had their Fall Out Ceremony at the Sri Lanka Military Academy on 21 November and 22 November 2023.

Align with their Fall Out Ceremony, a few activities such as Final Research Presentation to demonstrate their academic profoundness, Certificate Awarding Ceremony to appreciate their successful conclusion of the basic military training and Mess Night in celebration of their achievement were held in accordance with old military customs of the Military Academy.

On 21 November 2023, the Final Presentation on “Sri Lanka Army Health Care; Issues, Challenges and the Way Forward” was conducted at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the attendance of Deputy Commandant of the Military Academy, Brigadier RRMPNB Bambaradeniya RWP RSP USP psc. On 22 November 2023, the Certificate Awarding Ceremony was held with the participation of the Commandant-SLMA Major General MTI Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest along with Wing Heads, Officers, NCOs and Officer Cadets. Interestingly, at the Awarding Ceremony, Probationary Officer BPA Thennakoon of Sri Lanka Army Medical Corps was recognized as “The Best All-round Probationary Officer” of Intake DE 1 - 2023. By making closing remarks of the course, the Commandant appreciated their decision of joining the Sri Lanka Army and underscored necessity of adopting professional behavior, and assuming responsibilities in rendering their service for the Army. On 22 evening, a Mess Night to cherish their successful achievement was held at the Officer Cadets’ Mess with the participation of Officer Commanding- Randeniwela Company.

Upon leaving the Sri Lanka Military Academy, these professional officers are to join their respective regiments and to provide their service for the wellbeing of the Sri Lanka Army.