Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

28th November 2023 17:39:58 Hours


‘DRILL’-Discipline, Respect, Integrity, Learning and Leadership improves cohesion, command unity and discipline within military personnel. Based on this stance, the Sri Lanka Military Academy conducts the Drill Instructor Course to produce professionally qualified Drill Instructors to the Sri Lanka Army.

The 130th Drill Instructor Course commenced on 02 August 2023, reached its climax with a glamorous Fall Out Ceremony which was graced by the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Major General MTI Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest. On this occasion, the outstanding achievements of 74 SNCOs were greatly appreciated by adorning the Drill Instructor Badges on successful completion of the course by the Chief Guest along with the Deputy Commandant Brigadier RRMPNB Bambaradeniya RWP RSP USP psc and the Chief Instructor-Military Training Wing Colonel LP Athukorala RSP USP psc. On this occasion, the exceptional achievements of the Drill Instructor Course students were praised with the award of special prizes; the Army Commander’s Challenging Pace Stick Prize awarded for the First in Order of Merit in the course was presented to Sergeant Saman Kumara AM of 11 SLLI, the Prize awarded for the First in Theoretical Knowldege and Skills to Sergeant Gunathilaka JGUI of 3 SLCMP and the Prize of the Best Personal Drill and Practical Knowledge to Sergeant Chathuranga KYD of 9 GR.

By addressing the parade, the Chief Guest emphasised the importance of drill in producing disciplined soldiers and developing their personality as well as leadership skills. Further, they were encouraged to carry forth long-standing military traditions and practices in their line of duty.

In line with the Fall Out Ceremony of Drill Instructors, its Certificate Awarding Ceremony was held at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the participation of the Chief Instructor on 17 November 2023.

Finally, the Fall Out Ceremony marked its conclusion with a special banquet hosted by the Drill Instructors of 130th Drill Instructor Course at Warrant Officers’& Sergeants’ Mess on Saturday evening (18 November 2023) with the gracing of the Commandant, Chief Instructor, Senior Officers, Officers in celebration of their grand achievement.