Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

10th October 2023 11:57:00 Hours


The Inter-Company Combat Firing Meet 2023 took place at the Field Firing Range (FFR) of Fox Hill from October 6th to October 8th, 2023. Officer Cadets from Intakes 92, 92B, 92A, and Short Course 20 competed in four companies to vie for the Champion Company Trophy. This event aimed to assess the fundamental battlecraft and firing skills of SLMA trainees.

The Inter-Company Combat Firing Meet-2023 officially commenced with the hoisting of Company Flags and the presence of Colonel WAP Ranathunga, the Commanding Officer-Administration Wing, who graced the event as the Chief Guest. After enduring highly competitive and challenging phases, the 2nd Section of Randeniwela Company outperformed all other eleven sections, securing several prestigious awards: the Best Gun Group, the Best Rifle Group, and the Best Section of the competition. Pl/U/O KMT Prabhathiya, representing Randeniwela Company from Intake 92, was honored with the title of Best Section Commander.

In the Best Shot Competition, Coy/U/O HSS Gallage from Intake 92 and L/O/Cdt PMSM Dharmapala from Intake SC 20 emerged as the winners in the Men's and Women's categories, respectively, out of a field of 32 competitors. Impressively, six Officer Cadets achieved scores above 70%, earning them the Commandants' Honours.

Randeniwela Company claimed the title of Champion of the Inter-Company Combat Firing Meet-2023, with Gannoruwa Company and Vijithapura Company securing the positions of Runner-up and Second Runner-up, respectively.

The audacious firing meet culminated with a Firing Display presented by the Best Section of the Inter-Company Combat Firing Meet. The Prize Awarding Ceremony took place on October 8th, 2023, at the FFR, with the presence of all Wing Heads, Senior Officers, Officers, Other Ranks, and Officer Cadets of the Military Academy.