Sri Lanka Military Academy

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02nd October 2023 09:43:09 Hours


A delegation of fifteen members from the SLMA paid a visit to Mexico upon the invitation of the Government of Mexico in order to represent Sri Lanka in the 213th Independence Day Celebrations, 200th Anniversary Celebration of the Mexican Military Academy and other related activities. Nineteen delegations representing various countries such as Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, South Korea, Cuba, Russia, Nepal, Panama, Uruguay, Venezuela etc participated in the above events.

On 9 September 2023, Head of the Coordination Committee for Foreign Delegations, Col Limon welcomed the Sri Lankan delegation headed by the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Major General M T I Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc at Mexico City Airport and then Deputy Director of the Mexico Military Academy welcomed the Sri Lankan delegation on arrival to the Military Academy and the required administrative arrangements had been made to accommodate the delegation inside the Academy premises. Following day, the Sri Lankan Delegation attended the Commemoration Ceremony of Chapultepec War heroes at the Chapultepec premises and attended the Mexican Night function held at the main dining hall of Academy on 14 September 2023. On 16 September 2023, Officer Commanding Major R A A K Rathnayaka psc SLA and all Officer Cadets took part in the Independence Day Parade at Mexico City along with the other foreign delegations Thereafter, ‘Thanks Giving Lunch’ organised at Academy was attended by the members of all the delegations and mementos in gratitude were exchanged between the host nation and the heads of the delegations.

During their tour, the delegation visited the “Museo Saumaya Museum” at Mexico City. Also,, the Officer Cadets of the delegation were able to visit a several significant places in Mexico such as “Museo Saumaya Museum” at Mexico City, “Chapultepec Castle”, Church of Our Lady Guadalupe at Mexico City, Aztek Pyramid sites, Mexican Air Force Museum and Museum for Mammoths. Traditional dancing and entertainment event organized at main auditorium of the Academy marked an end to the tour by adding much more glamour to the entire event.