Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

07th August 2023 15:31:34 Hours


The history of the Cadet Government of the Sri Lanka Military Academy (SLMA) dates back to 1968 when Intake 1 began its basic military training at the Army Training Center (ATC), Diyatalawa. The prime aim of establishing the Cadet Government was to form up a firm link between Officer Instructors and Officer Cadets, which helps in functioning the training mechanism well while upholding a high standard of moral qualities in them.

On 1st August 2023, Cadet Government Appointment Awarding Ceremony of the second half of 2023 was held at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the participation of the Commandant, Brigadier M T I Mahalekam WWV RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest along with the Deputy Commandant, all Wing Heads, Officers and Officer Cadets. The Awarding Ceremony brought promotions to one hundred and twenty-seven Officer Cadets of Intake 92, 92B and SC 20 which included four Company Under Officers, one Cadet Battalion Adjutant, fourteen Platoon Under Officers, one Cadet Battalion Sargent Major, one Cadet Battalion Quartermaster Sergeant, four Cadet Company Sergeant Majors, four Cadet Company Quartermaster Sergeant, Fourteen Cadet Sergeants, Forty-two Cadet Corporals and Forty-two Cadet Lance Corporals.

The Commandant during his formal speech delivered at the bi-annual Cadet Government Appointment Awarding Ceremony appreciated the outstanding performance and skills of the newly promoted cadet government appointment holders and underscored their role as responsible intermediators to meet the training objectives of the Academy and reach the highest possible moral standards during their training. The day was hallmarked as a destined day of the Academy with a recorded number of promotions to the Cadet Government.