Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

10th May 2023 15:52:16 Hours


Vesak is one of the prominent religious festivals in Sri Lankan culture. On this special day, the prominence is given to the meritorious deeds and to spread love and kindness. To mark this special day, SLMA organized an elegant Vesak day programme with the sole guidance of the Commandant of SLMA under the supervision of Wing Heads. In the morning, a Bodhi Pooja was held at the Torch Cinema at the Ella Camp premises. This was followed by a dansala organized by the staff of SLMA.

The decorated Vesak lanterns are the symbols of unity and peace during this period. Therefore, with the aim of promoting the unity, a Vesak Lantern Competition was organised in the eve of the Vesak day at the main entrance of the SLMA. This special occasion was graced by the Commandant along with Wing Heads, Officers, NCOs and trainee Officer Cadets. While showing the hidden artistic talents and abilities, each team exhibited their unique and picturesque Vesak lanterns for the competition. The Instructors’ team of the Officer Cadet Wing secured the first place, the second place by the Officer Cadets’ Team-2 and the third place was received by the team-MTW. These Vesak lanterns were displayed for the general public and a herbal drink was served to all spectators present at the exhibition site.