Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

09th May 2023 16:10:58 Hours


Sinhala and Hindu New Year, generally known as “Aluth Avurudda” is celebrated to respect prolonged traditional rituals of both cultures while applying a cascading festival spirit till the end of April. The Sri Lanka Military Academy after four years of long pause, created conditions to celebrate the Sinhala and Hindu New Year on 30th April 2023 with the participation of all Officers, NCOs and civil employees at the lavishly greenish Polo Ground.

Marking the occasion, the traditional oil lamp at the thatched cottage, ‘Gami Gedara’ was lit by the Commandant, Major General IANB Perera RWP USP ndu psc and Wing Heads. The New Year Festival with an array of festive events; breaking the pot by the blindfolded, tug of war, lime on the spoon race, marking the eye on the elephant, sack race, eating buns, musical chairs, hat passing, counting papaya seeds, bursting balloons and selecting the most handsome gent ofthe Academy as ‘Avurudu Prince’ in order to set a backdrop to outsmart the youth’s physical and mental stamina in a competitive, yet joyous way. Everyone enthusiastically participated in all these events and the festival brought a novel and immortal experience to the foreign officer cadets in particular. The organizing effort made by all Wings of the Military Academy was able to bring the participants an unforgettable new year festive experience with special gifts and this success story was finally complimented by the Chief Guest who initiated to conduct the new year festival.