Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

25th February 2023 09:31:03 Hours


Parents' Day is a special event organized by the Sri Lanka Military Academy to showcase the progress of senior Officer Cadets to their beloved parents. This annual event is an opportunity for the Officer Cadets to demonstrate their hidden and trained talents, skills, and leadership attributes to their parents.

On 25th February 2023, the Parents' Day of Intake 92, SC 19A, 61(V)A, Lady 18(V)A, and 92A was held at the Sri Lanka Military Academy. The event was organized with the participation of the Commandant SLMA, Major General I A N B Perera RWP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest. The day's activities included a variety of displays, including a Drill Display at the Parade Ground, a Taekwondo and PT display at the Lieutenant Thilak Nissanka Memorial Indoor Gymnasium, and a demonstration of an Attack on an Insurgent Hideout at the Polo Ground.

The Drill Display was an eye-catching event of the Parents’ Day, where the Officer Cadets demonstrated their precision, coordination and discipline by forming drills from basic to advanced. The Cadets marched in unison with perfect synchronization, which is a reflection of the meticulous training conducted at the Academy. The Drill Display made their parents so proud and amazed of unity, discipline, obedience and command skills of their sons and daughters.

The Taekwondo and PT display was another fantastic event of the Parents’ Day Programme, where the Officer Cadets got an opportunity to demonstrate their physical prowess and endurance. This display included a variety of exercises such as Taekwondo, Horse Jumping, Fire Ring Jumps and Human Pyramid. The Officer Cadets also showed their Taekwondo skills with techniques of kicks, punches, and self-defence. The display also affirmed the Officer Cadets' physical fitness, mental physical coordination, agility gained through their hard training.

The third event of the Parents’ Day included a Show Jumping Display and a Tent Pegging conducted by the Equestrian Section of SLMA at the Polo Ground. The riders of the Equestrian Section displayed their horse-riding skills on nine horses. This was a very thrilling and fascinating event which was enjoyed by all parents and family members to the fullest.

The final demonstration was the most exciting display of the Parents’ Day programme, an Attack on an Insurgent Hideout through which the Officer Cadets demonstrated their skills in tactical planning, execution of mission with team spirit, perseverance and full preparedness. The demonstration included reconnaissance, attacking techniques and casualty evacuation.

After all these displays, the parents and family members were invited for a special lunch and an entertainment session at the Officer Cadets' Mess. The parents had an opportunity to interact with their sons and daughters and also with almost all Officers who were involved in Officer Cadet training at the Sri Lanka Military Academy. This provided a unique opportunity for parents to learn more about the Academy and the training their children undergo.

The Parents' Day-2023 was a memorable event which provided a distinct opportunity for the trainee Officer Cadets to showcase their skills and talents to their parents through an array of events while facilitating the Officer Cadets to interact with their parents and family members to share their experiences at the Academy.