Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

30th January 2023 17:39:02 Hours


The history of the Cadet Government Appointment Awarding Ceremony at the Sri Lanka Military Academy dates back to 1968 when Intake one embarked on its basic military training at the Army Training Center (ATC). The Cadet Government appointments were introduced with the aim of forming up a firm link between Officer Instructors, Other Rank Instructors and Officer Cadets, in the process of carrying out the responsibilities and assigned tasks to maintain high standards of discipline and leadership qualities within the young trainees.

The Cadet Government Appointment Awarding Ceremony of the first half 2023 was held at the Sino-Lanka Friendship Auditorium on 30th January 2023 with the participation of the Commandant, Brig I A N B Perera RWP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest. At the Awarding Ceremony, thirty-four Officer Cadets were awarded with new Cadet Government appointments which included ten Cadet Lance Corporals, ten Cadet Corporals, five Cadet Sergeants, one each of Cadet Company Quarter Master Sergeant, Cadet Company Sergeant Major, five Platoon Under Officers, Cadet Battalion Adjutant and Company Under Officer.

By addressing the audience, the Commandant appreciated the extraordinary performance and skills of the newly promoted Cadet Government appointment holders while emphasizing their responsible role as the cadet governing body. The glamourous event held at the Sino-Lanka Friendship Auditorium was attended by all Wing Heads, Officers, Course Instructors and Officer Cadets.