Sri Lanka Military Academy

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01st October 2022 14:05:21 Hours

Facilitation of International Children’s Day-2022

The International Children’s Day-2022 under the theme of “Better Future for Every Child” was held on 1 Oct 2022. With the intension of giving the deserved importance to children, the Sri Lanka Military Academy organized and celebrated the international Children’s Day, at the academy premises with participation of school children in Bandarawela Education Division.

This special programme which was designed with an array of entertainment activities was conducted for two days at Polo Ground; on Saturday, 1 October, for 131 children from Kadurugamuwa Mihindu Vidyala, Diyatalawa and on Monday, 3 October, for 500 children from B/Bandarawela Central College. The event was organized in such a way that school children’s trill could be peaked at the whole day celebration and this special day event was attended by the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy Major General WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc, Deputy Commandant, the Commanding Officer-OCW and some of the officer instructors. All these school children were welcomed and hosted by the staff of the military academy in hospitality and friendliness.