Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

30th August 2022 08:37:44 Hours


On 30 August 2022, the dream of becoming the members of the Guardians of the Nation was materialized by thirty two Officer Cadets of Intake DE 1 (Reg) - 2022 and Intake DE 2 (Vol) – 2022, having successfully completed their basic military orientation package conducted for a period of four months, where the subject knowledge and skills on aspects of Drill, Weapons Training, Tactics, Regimental Accounts, Service Writing, Methods of Instructions, Leadership, Military Law and Administration in Field are imparted and embedded. In par with their graduation, a series of events were held including the Final Presentation on a topical issue, Certificate Awarding Ceremony and Commandant’s Dinner Night.

The Final Presentation on the timely topic of “Factors Contributing for the Increased Illicit Drug Abuse among Sri Lanka Army Personnel”, in the genre of a scholarly television discussion was held on 29 August 2022 at the Sino- Lanka Friendship Auditorium.

On 30 August 2022, certificates were awarded by the Commandant to 32 Probationary Officers who were professionals in various fields such as Medical (6 Officers), Engineering (14 Officers), Agricultural (4 Officers), Quantity Survey (5 Officers), IR (an Analyst), Food Science (a Chef) and Western music ( a band master) belonging to Sri Lanka Engineers, Sri Lanka Signal Corps, Corps of Engineer Services, Military Intelligence Corps, Sri Lanka Army Service Corps, Sri Lanka Medical Corps, Sri Lanka Electrical and Mechanical Engineers, Sri Lanka Army General Service Corps and Corps of Agriculture and Livestock. Most significantly, Probationary Officer JMCP Bandara and Probationary Officer KGCJ Kapumulla emerged as “The Best All-round Probationary Officer” of Intake DE 1 (Reg) - 2022 and Intake DE 2 (Vol) - 2022 by the end of their strenuous intensive training course. Their successful achievement was cherished with the customary Dinner Night held at the Officer Cadet Mess on 30 eve.

All these memorable events were attended by Major General WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc, the Commandant of the military academy as the Chief Guest. The Academy held humble in grooming a batch of professionals to the Army and bid farewell to all their future professional and personal endeavours.