Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

24th August 2022 10:12:35 Hours

Jubilant Celebration of the Pearl Anniversary of the Queen’s Academy Day (Sri Lanka Military Academy)

The glory of the Sri Lanka Military Academy always retains and remains unparallel incomparable when walking through her unique memory lanes. With the dawn of the independence in 1948, the Ceylon Army was formed on 10 Oct 1949 and Diyatalawa was chosen as the best geography for military training of the fledging Ceylon Army. Hence, the Army Recruit Training Depot was established and later it was named as the Army Training Center (ATC) in 1964. In ATC was awarded with the Colours in 1972 by His Excellency the President William Gopallawa. Subsequently, Her Excellency the President Chandrika Bandaranaike Kumarathunga awarded the President Colours on 21 June 1997. On 20 August 1992, the ACT was re-designated as the Sri Lanka Military Academy. As at today, it has undergone tremendous transformations in diverse spheres and it offers degree, high diploma and diploma in Military Studies in affiliation with the Kotelawala Defence University (KDU).

The SLMA as the premier officer training establishment since its re-designation as the Sri Lanka Military Academy and even before, with its glorious, proud and golden history of three decades involves in the noble responsibility of transforming young lady and gentleman trainees to become future leaders who are fully prepared and geared to extend their substantial contribution for the national security. At the special milestone of the Sri Lanka Military Academy history where she celebrates her PEARL anniversary, an array of customary, cultural and religious activities were organized from 17 Aug to 20 Aug 2022 under the direction and leadership of the present Commandant , Maj Gen WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc with the untiring support of the Deputy Commandant, Wind Heads, Senior Officers, Officers, NCOs, Officer Cadets and the civil servants of the Academy.

On 17 Aug, a full day cleaning campaign at the Base Hospital Diyatalawa was conducted with a labour contribution of over hundred military personnel. On 18 Aug morning, a pirith chanting programme consisting of three sessions was begun at the roof top of the new Headquarters Complex with the participation of all personnel of the military Academy. After the pirith chanting programme, alms giving ceremony for ten clergies from Sri Sumangalarama Temple, Ellegama was held on 19 morning in order to shower blessings for the Academy. More importantly, all religion blessings with the participation of four religions were invoked for the President Colours, Academic Colours, the Commandant and the staff of the military Academy. Chief incumbent of Ellegama Sri Sumangalarama Temple, Kadurugamuwe Ratanawansa Thero, Reverent Kurukkal KR Renganadan Sarma of Arkediya (Muththu Maari) Hindu Kovil, Maulavi Isek Rizad of Grand Jumma Mosque- Balangoda and Reverent Father Sam Perera of Diyatalawa Catholic Church attended in conducting the religious rituals. Meanwhile, a special welfare programme was launched for the civil and military personnel who demised while serving at the military Academy in recent past. On 19 Aug, the Monument Drill to commemorate the fallen war heroes was held at the Monument of Peace with a customary parade. The Commandant Maj Gen WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc who graced the event as the Chief Guest paid flora gratitude to the fallen before the war memorial. Meanwhile, the Deputy Commandant along with all other Wind Heads also joined in offering flowers to the fallen warriors of the protracted wars of our country.

On 20 August 2022, an impressive parade in par with the 30 th anniversary of the Sri Lanka Military Academy was held in the gracing of the Commandant as the Chief Guest. As a custom, wreath laying took place in memory of the fallen warriors before the commencement of the parade which was comprised of a Colours Squad, a Parade Commander, Second in Command, a Parade Adjutant and eight Squads representing the four Wings and the four Companies. Customarily, the Academy Day Parade was commanded by the Chief Instructor of the Military Training Wing, Col BNSB Rangama RSP USP psc, the Second in Command of the parade by the Adjutant of the SLMA, Maj RAA Ranawaka RWP RSP USP psc of SLLI and the parade Adjutant by Capt BAPDA Bamunuarachchi of SLLI. The parade proceedings were concluded with the Commandant’s address in which the Commandant in an appreciative tone admired the exceptional service of the Sri Lanka Military Academy to the nation and excellent contribution of the former Commandants and their dedicated teams to elevate the Academy to the present standards.

After the ceremonial parade, saplings of ironwood, dragon fruit, pears and guava were planted in the Academy premises at the auspicious time with the participation of the Commandant and other senior officers. All ranks lunch headed by the Commandant with the presence of the Officers and other ranks brought the Pearl Anniversary of the Sri Lanka Military Academy to the conclusion. It was hosted aiming to build up cooperation among all ranks and a friendly healthy working atmosphere. The Commandant’s speech at the beginning of the special lunch created an opportunity to the gathering to have a road map in succeeding in both professional and personal life. The 30 th anniversary celebrations powered by a series of military, cultural and religious events came to an end by adding an utmost glorification to the prestige of the Sri Lanka Military Academy.