Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

20th August 2022 21:03:45 Hours


Piping Ceremony, a traditional and significant occasion in an officer cadet’s life signifies the completion of transformation from cadetship to commissioning. In other words, it symbolizes the removal of cadet insignia which is worn as an Officer Cadet on their shoulders, instead wearing of officer insignia or pips to signify the commission. Five overseas trained Probationary Officers of Intake KDU 34, Intake 87 and 88 were adorned with pips at a simple Pipping Ceremony held at Colonel Fazly Laphir Auditorium on 13 August.

These newly commissioned officers were initially selected out of hundreds of Officer Cadets and were sent to undergo the foreign military training in the military establishments of the friendly foreign countries such as Officers Training Academy - Gaya, College of Military Engineering, National Defence University, Indian Military Academy and Bangladesh Military Academy. This is indeed a lifetime opportunity for Officer Cadets to receive an advanced intensive military training while exposing them to varied cultures, traditions and global social affairs.

Although the pining of pips is traditionally done by the beloved parents, this customary event was terminated for a period of almost two years due to the spread of COVID-19 pandemic. However, this unique moment was made a reality by allowing their beloved parents to adorn their sons’ shoulders with officer insignia having taking the health precautionary measures and guidance.

These five newly commissioned officers in pride and honour could enter the officer corps of the Sri Lanka Army being the members of the Regiments such as Sri Lanka Engineers, Sri Lanka Sinha Regiment, Gemunu Watch, Vijayabhahu Infantry Regiment and Corps of Engineer Services. This special event was graced by the head of the military Academy, the Commandant Maj Gen WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc together with the Deputy Commandant, other Wing Heads, a cross section of officers and the family members of the newly commissioned officers.

After the ceremony, the newly promoted officers and their family members were welcomed to the home of officers known as “Officers’ Mess” where the Commandant shared his felicitating message and ‘Coins’ as a token of appreciation were presented to all the new officers on this special occasion.