Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

17th August 2022 08:33:02 Hours

123 Pace Sticks Walked Out

Drill which sets the backbone of the Army is one of the first things that soldiers entering the military profession learn since the inception. It helps them develop pride, discipline and confidence in their commands and actions to reach military professionalism. The Drill Instructor Course of SLMA is designed with nine subjects to impart theoretical knowledge and practical exposure on Drill and to produce professionally qualified Drill Instructors to the Sri Lanka Army teaching them a variety of drill sessions on Weapons Drill, Foot Drill, Sword Drill, Colours Drill, Pace-stick Drill, Funeral Drill, Ceremonial Drill etc. The 127th Drill Instructor Course which began on 09.05.2022 with 129 Senior Non-Commissioned Officers (SNCOs) including five lady instructors from 25 Regiments of the Sri Lanka Army culminated with the ‘Commandant’s Parade’ held at Parade Square of the Ella Camp on 13 August 2022.

The Commandant’s Parade, the most special and cherishing moment of all NCO students of the Drill Instructor Course marks the course end by adorning DI badges on their chests which symbolize their successful accomplishment of the DI course while intensifying the movement with a Band Display and a Drill Display.

On 13 Aug 2022, the Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Maj Gen WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc graced the Passing Out Parade of Drill Instructor Course-127 as the Chief Guest, which was commanded by Maj LC Polpitiya of 12 SLSR. The SNCO students’ achievements were greatly appreciated by adorning the Drill Instructor badges on their uniforms by the Chief Guest, Deputy Commandant and the Chief Instructor-MTW. Also, the excellent performance of the students was valued with the award of prizes for the First in Theoretical Assessments to WO 2 Samantha Kumara GGLC from 1 SLCMP and the prizes for the Best Instructional Skill & Personal Drill and the First In Order Of Merit to Sgt Thennakoon BRK from 11 SLNG.

The parade orchestrated by the band of the Sri Lanka General services Corps performed a band display while a fascinating Drill Display performed by the students showed the assurance to the standards of the course outcome. By addressing the students of these passing out Drill Instructors Course, the Commandant stressed on the importance of “ walk the talk” ; to apply what they learnt into their military role at organizational, unit and regimental lines. Also, they are to play the key role of instilling discipline, personality and leadership within soldiers, more importantly maintenance of army values through the profession of the Drill Instructor. They were encouraged to carry forth their knowledge and skills beyond the parameters of the parade square.

The Certificate Awarding Ceremony as a part of their Passing Out was prescheduled on 10 Aug 22 and held with the participation of Chief Instructor-MTW, Colonel BNSB Rangama RSP USP psc SLSR at Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium, where all of the Drill Instructors were awarded with certificates on successful completion of the course. Meanwhile, the outstanding performance of the students was also appreciated with the award of special certificates.

The Saturday eve (13 Aug) made space for an august gathering of SLMA officers and the newly passed out Drill Instructors at the formal dinner organized at the WO & Sgt Mess of the Ella camp. Yet, another important event of the Academy with grand success entered into historical annals of the Academy.