Sri Lanka Military Academy

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03rd May 2022 19:55:52 Hours


As a concept of the present Commandant of SLMA, opening up a new chapter in the Sri Lanka Military Academy history, the first-ever symposium was held on 29 and 30 April 2022 at Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the participation of all the officer cadets, officers and distinguished invitees of the neighboring military establishments in order to inculcate the scholarly culture within trainees under the theme of “An Overview of Humanitarian Operation” with the main aim of producing authentic learners who have a clear understanding on the path way of their warriors conducting the Humanitarian Operation.

The inauguration ceremony of this historical symposium was graced by Maj Gen WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc, the Commandant- SLMA as the Chief Guest along with Deputy Commandant and all Wing Heads. Director Academics of the Academic Wing, Lt Col KMAP Karunaratne USP psc SLAC welcomed him to the Symposium-2022 with a special emphasis on the core of the symposium. The Commandant by delivering the keynote address underscored importance of this opportunity of acquiring a great volume of knowledge, expertise and experiences from old generation to the present generation.v

The entire program included six fruitful sessions which were chaired by a few senior officers; Prelude to the campaign by Col GCV Fernando -Commanding Officer, Admin Wing, Ground and Own Forces by Lt Col EWRSB Ehelepola USP USACGSC GR -Commanding Officer, Officer Cadet Wing (OCW), Concept of Operation by Lt Col BNSB Rangama RSP USP psc SLSR-Chief Instructor, Military Training Wing (MTW), Unfold of Operation and Conduct of Operations by Lt Col KMAP Karunaratne USP psc SLAC – Director Academics, Academic Wing (AW) and Reasons for Success by Brig WSN Hemarathne RWP RSP psc -Deputy Commandant and all of these sessions were followed by Q & A sessions at the end of each.

Resource persons of both Academy and other military establishments Maj RN Wimalaweera SLAGSC - Lecturer in International Relations - AW, Colonel TTP Siriwardene RSP psc Isc Intelligence Officer – Dte of MI, Maj UB Marasinghe psc SLA -Officer Commanding (Vijithapura Company), Maj ABCP Wickramarathne psc MIR – Officer Commanding (Randeniwela Company), Maj KDS Nandiyasena USP psc SLAC -Senior Instructor (MTW), Maj US Ranaweera psc SLAC -Officer Commanding (Balana Company), Maj YGLN Herath psc SLSR -Course Officer, Maj BMCDS Balasuriya RWP RSP psc SLA -Officer Commanding Training Support (MTW), Maj HMAN Jayathilake psc SLSR -Staff Officer 2 (MTW), Maj NSP De Silva WWV RSP USP psc SF- Senior Instructor (MTW), Maj EMT Ekanayake psc SLA -Course Officer, Lt Col EWRSB Ehelepola USP USACGSC GR -Commanding Officer (OCW) and Maj GIDD Dharmaratne RSP USP USACGSC SLAC – Senior Instructor (MTW) contributed collectively to the success of all these sessions by sharing much essential subject knowledge, insights and experiences on respective subject areas with the participants.

Undeniably, this two-day symposium program laid a solid base on the discipline of Humanitarian Operation imparting a colossal amount of knowledge and expertise among trainees of Z generation who have little exposure and knowledge on what these unforgettable historical incidents meant to generations to come for building a peaceful country. Finally, the Deputy Commandant, Brig WSN Hemarathne RWP RSP psc made a roundup to the entire program while giving closing remarks at this fabulous academic conference, “Symposium- 2022; An Overview of Humanitarian Operation” at SLMA