Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

03rd May 2022 15:19:57 Hours

CO’s Inspections; An Important Chapter of Military Training

Inspections which are part and partial of military training are meant to assess or evaluate soldiers on living standards, hygiene and their leadership to prepare accommodation areas, personal belongings and resources in a methodical manner


On 02 May 2022, the living areas, barracks of Officer Cadets of all the intakes and all Thistle camp premises were inspected by the Commanding Officer- Officer Cadet Wing, Lt Col Ruwan Ehelepola USP USACGSC as per the direction given by the Commandant- SLMA with the intent of instilling the responsibility of maintaining healthy living conditions, a pleasant beautiful living atmosphere and moral values such as care of mother nature within the trainees. The Course Officers and the Company Commanders of the respective intakes provided necessary instructions, guidance and supervision to these officer cadets on meeting the required military standards at inspections.

At the end of the inspection, the Commanding Officer commented highly the collective and individual efforts of the officer cadets by arranging an inspection of high standards while extending his appreciations to all the Course Officers and the Company Commanders in this regard.

Composed by Maj Janaka Bandara SLAGSC