Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

10th April 2022 13:00:03 Hours

Command Structure of Two Wings Handed on Two New Senior Officers

Change of the chain of command structure is the usual practice in the Army in order to provide a productive service to the organization, gain the carrier progression of military personnel and to share knowledge/experience/expertise in varied disciplines. Resultantly, the command appointments of the Academic Wing and Military Training Wing underwent a periodic change over time.

The successor of Col R A S M Ranasinghe RSP USP psc lsc MI, Lt Col KMAP Karunaratne USP psc of SLAC took over the duties as the 12th Director Academics of the Academic Wing at auspicious time on 9 April 2022, lightning the traditional oil lamp and amidst pirith chanting in the participation of wing officers. Meanwhile, on the same day, the Chief Instructor appointment of the Military Training Wing was also replaced by Lt Col BNSB Rangama RSP USP psc of SLSR as the 25th Chief Instructor giving prominence to Buddhist rituals.

After assuming the office, in-depth briefings on the role and tasks of the Wing and progression of ongoing activities/projects were conducted at respective Wing offices. The SLMA staff bestowed the both senior officers who have upheld various staff, instructional and command appointments in the Army and at the military academy in their military journey with heartfelt congratulations to gear towards brilliant and remarkable tour of duties