Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

09th April 2022 16:52:22 Hours

A Dining Table Grids All Ranks in Comradeship

Dinner parties are believed to be gatherings for family members, comrades, co-workers etc to share some food while simply enjoying each other’s company.

All rank lunch conducted annually prior to the vacation of every Sinhala and Hindu New Year festival is a customary event held at the Sri Lanka Military Academy. On 8 April 2022, the event was held at the olden Torch Cinema with the participation of officers, other ranks and civil workers of the Academy.

The Commandant of the SLMA prior to the lunch made his voice at the inception and highlighted the purpose of the event; building of cooperation and mutual bond within all ranks of the Academy and the Army irrespective of any form of divisions or categorization. In Commandant’s perspective, the hierarchical structure of the Army truly depends on mutual understanding of all ranks plus the humanity, thereby taking care of each entity is always every one’s primary responsibility.

After the speech, the Commandant, Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads and senior officers joined in a very generous deed of presenting gifts for all civil servants of the academy in gratitude of their untiring service in a challenging military environment. Also, it was a moment of showering wishes and blessings for a happy and peaceful Sinhala and Hindu New Year-2022.