Sri Lanka Military Academy

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06th April 2022 10:22:33 Hours

Sixty-seven Promoted at the Awarding Ceremony of the Cadet Government Appointments

The Cadet Government Appointment Awarding Ceremony is one of the most special customary events of the Sri Lanka Military Academy on owing to the fact that the Cadet Government functions as an independent decision-making entity in formulating a link between officers and officer cadets.

The 4 April 2022 was a significant milestone of the Academy history where 67 officer cadets were promoted with cadet government appointments. The awarding ceremony was charmingly held at the Sino Lanka Friendship Auditorium with the grace of the Commandant, Maj Gen WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc as the Chief Guest. When offering the cadet government appointments, achievements in the fundamental multi-disciplines such as military subjects, English and Current Affairs, Officer Qualities and Work Grade, extracurricular activities, unblemished character, leadership qualities, potential to assume responsibilities, physical fitness etc were highly taken into account during the assessment. Resultantly, 20 Cdt L/Cpls, 20 Cdt/Cpls, 10 Cdt/ Sgts, 2CQMSs, 2 CSMs, 10 Pl/U/Os, Cdt/Bn/Adjt and 2 Coy/U/Os received their promotions in which Pl/U/O SPY Pathiraja of Intake 91 was the first to be appointed as the Cadet Battalion Adjutant in academy history.

The Chief Guest joined the ceremony by adorning the ranks on the Cdt/Bn/Adjt and 2 Coy/U/Os. By addressing the august audience afterwards, the Commandant congratulated the new Cadet Government appointment holders upon their hard-earned achievements. In his words, the ranks symbolize the hard -work of the trainees. Retention in the ranks is of an uphill task while striving to go up in the hierarchical structure. Bridging the trainer and trainees is the prime responsibility of all the cadet government appointment holders while taking care of their subordinates under the concept of ‘One Family and One Corps’. This magnificent event was witnessed by the Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads, other senior officers, officers, NCOs and officer cadets.