Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

13th January 2022 10:58:48 Hours


Refresher programmes are considered as training programmes which are designed with the purpose of acquainting employees of an organization with new skills, methods and processes required to improve their performance on the job. The SLMA conducted a refresher programme for its staff as they step into the new term at the advent of the new year. Its opening ceremony was held at the Sino-Lanka Friendship Auditorium on 06 January 2022 with the participation of the Deputy Commandant, Brigadier WSN Hemarathna RWP RSP psc as the Chief Guest.

The first part of the officer refresher course 2022 involved with the conduct of a workshop on “Information Literacy, Information Searching and Referencing” from 06 – 08 January 2022 by Dr. Chammika Mallawarachchi, the Acting Librarian and Mrs. Thanuja Ranawalla, the Senior Assistant Librarian at the General Sir John Katelawala Defence University. The participants were able to gain knowledge on information literacy and its main components, information queries, information searching, referencing systems & citations, evaluating information sources, using of information ethically and plagiarism, instructional design and library development.

The second part of the officers’ refresher programme included a series of timely important sessions to enhance the officers’ awareness on the “Way-Forward Strategy of the Sri Lanka Army- 20 - 25” by Col KTRB Kodippili psc, “Officer Career Management Process” by Col KMSP Rathnayaka USP psc IG and “Maintenance of Military Discipline” by Maj LGLB Gunarathne USP Lsc from SLCMP. Further, the participants were educated on their instructional responsibilities to provide a productive service to the Military Academy in pursuance of the objectives by upgrading and synchronizing the existing programmes with the available resources. In this concern, some fruitful sessions such as a “Brainstorming Session on Officer Cadets’ Block Syllabuses and Conduct of Training” by the Chief Instructor - MTW, “the Present Evaluation System” by the Head of Training Team - MTW, “Responsibilities of Company Commanders and Course Officers” by the Commanding Officer - OCW and “Course Officers’ Responsibilities to Improve English Language Proficiency of Officer Cadets by the Head of Languages - AW were included in the programme.

As a part of the training programme, a TEWT on Defence, a comprehensive military appreciation to test the application of military knowledge in a practical scenario was held at Fox Hill with the participation of all staff members. The refresher programme reached its end with a cross country hike from Ohiya to “World’s End Lodge”, where the officers’ get-together was organized with the participation of the Commandant, Deputy Commandant, Wing Heads and Officers of the SLMA.