Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

25th November 2021 12:34:33 Hours


Donation, a selfless act, teaches the importance of generosity. People living in poverty and desperate living conditions need a helping hand for growth. Mrs Nethmini Gunasekara and Mr. Lahiru Dissanyaka, two Sri Lankans domiciled in Australia patronaged to construct a new house for Mr. S Sangarguru’s family living at Heennarangolla, Boralanda under the supervision and labour force of the Military Academy. Necessary financial and other resources for this charity work were coordinated and pioneered by Brigadier Anil Peiris RSP USP psc during his tenure at the Military Academy as the Deputy Commandant.

Parallel to the 72th Army Day Anniversary and the 29th Academy Day celebration, the house warming ceremony was held with the participation of Brigadier Anil Peiris RSP USP psc the Commander- Armoured Brigade as the Special Guest. Meanwhile, the Commandant and the staff of the Sri Lanka Military Academy also attended the event which was conducted by respecting the COVID 19 prevention health guidelines.