Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

20th November 2021 12:59:15 Hours


Excursions are a fascinating way of exploring the knowledge and they help in bridging theoretical learning and practical application. On 20 November 2021, a delegation of 97 Student Officers following the Senior Command Course-3 (JCC) and Junior Staff Course-22 (JSC) along with 21 Instructional/Directing Staff from the Officer Career Development Center (OCDC), Buttala visited the Sri Lanka Military Academy. The delegation was warmly welcomed by the Deputy Commandant, Brigadier W S N Hemarathna RWP RSP psc along with the Academy staff at the main entrance.

The student officers were exposed to practical knowledge on various drills; Guard Turnout, Street Lining, Guard of Honour, Guard Mounting and Dismounting as well as Funeral Drill with demonstrations performed by the trainees of Drill Instructors’ Course -125. The question and answer session was quite brainstorming and fruitful to these officers as it widened their scope.