Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

14th November 2021 07:37:40 Hours


Counter-Revolutionary Warfare (CRW) is very significant warfare tactics conducted for military personnel around the globe to train them to perform under extreme difficulties, adverse weather and rough terrains. The Sri Lanka Military Academy conducts the Exercise Wanabambara in two phases for the final year trainees of all basic training courses (short and long courses) once their military curriculum reaches the edge.

The Officer Cadets of Intake 89, 90, 89B, 60(V) and Lady 17(V) consisting of 315 trainees participated in their longest field exercise, the Exercise Wanabambara conducted from 21 October to 14 November 2021 at Walamandiya and Maduru Oya in order to expose them to Counter-Revolutionary Warfare in varied jungle terrains. The first phase was designed to orientate the participants to give the required knowledge and skills to cope with specific jungles to promote the sustaining of life over a period of time to achieve military missions. The second phase was to give them thorough knowledge and meticulous training to apply the knowledge of CRW theory in practical circumstances in the heat of threats and demanding situations.

Undoubtedly, the field exercise bestowed them with a colossal amount of experience to their military training and added a new yet unforgettable page to their military life story. The exercise conducted with the support of all Wings of the Military Academy was attended by the Commandant of the institute, Brigadier WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc at the final stage of the exercise.