Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

16th July 2021 13:42:10 Hours


On 16th July 2021, a felicitating ceremony for the 35th Commandant of the Sri Lanka Military Academy, Brigadier WWHRRVMNDKB Niyangoda RWP RSP USP ndu psc was held. The ceremonial parade comprising of four squads was commanded by Head of the Training Team Lt Col SDKWMMI Weliwita RWP RSP USP psc of Gajaba Regiment. Upon arrival, he laid a wreath at the Monument of Peace in paying tribute to fallen war heroes.

In his maiden speech, at the parade, the Commandant emphasized the importance of living up to the mission and vision of the Academy and Cadets’ Honour Code in order to achieve the motto of the Academy ‘Serve to Lead.’

Giving prominence to Buddhist traditions, he took over duties amid chanting of pirith by Buddhist monks. Afterwards, in keeping with the tradition, the Deputy Commandant pinned the SLMA badge on him. Afterwards, the new Commandant unveiled the former Commandant’s photograph and posed for a special photograph with the staff.

Finally, Brigadier Nalinda Niyangoda, the new Commandant had an interactive session at the headquarters premises which was attended by Deputy Commandants, Wings Heads, all officers and civil lecturers and a cross section of NCOs and officer cadets.