Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

02nd February 2021 09:12:47 Hours


Food hygiene and safe food handling practices are vital components in food science matrix. Food hygiene training teaches how to properly organize and store food, to maintain the quality of food, to minimise wastage and to save the time and money. So, food handlers require to possess a sound understanding on these aspects in order to provide a quality service to the organization. An effective way to communicate all these is through conduct of food hygiene training sessions to equip the staff with proper handling, storage and cleaning techniques.

The Officer Cadets’ Mess at SLMA plays a vital role in feeding the Officer Cadets undergoing tough training with healthy and nutritious food and beverages. As per the Army Commander’s concept of ‘Healthy Army – Healthy Nation’ project, 8 million worth of sophisticated kitchen equipment was installed at the Cadets’ Mess, thereby shaping up the kitchen to a modern cook house while increasing the standard of food with special concerns towards food safety and health hygiene.

Mr. Kirshantha Victor- the Marketing Director of Bently Cooperation, Mr. Sudusinghe Chandrasena-Executive Hospitality Consultant and Mr. Ravi Masakorala - Executive Hospitality Consultant conducted theoretical and practical sessions in a workshop with demonstrations on operation of the modern equipment installed at the Cadets’ Mess to the kitchen staff of the Military Academy. Further, the well-experienced experts in the field of food science imparted their knowledge and expertise on vital aspects of Food Hygiene and Food Security. The workshop aimed at primarily imparting an updated knowledge on preparation of meals to meet the health standards and food security was conducted on Tuesday (02) at Col Fazely Laphir Auditorium with the participation of 76 waiters and cooks serving at the Military Academy under the direction of the Commandant, Major General A K G K U Gnanaratne ndc psc and the Deputy Commandant, Brigadier P A M Peiris RSP USP psc.