Sri Lanka Military Academy

Serve to Lead

01st February 2021 16:07:50 Hours


Drill is a part of the training of a soldier’s military career, which improves unity, discipline, obedience & command of military personnel. The word DRILL is a derivation of the words; ‘D’ from discipline, ‘R’ from regimentation, ‘I’ from intelligence and the two ‘L’s from loyalty and leadership.

On 01st February 2021, the 124th Drill Instructor Course set off its voyage for a three month intensive drill course with 127 SNCOs from various Regiments of the Army. This drill course is designed to consolidate soldiers. In a psychological perspective, it is to develop teamwork, discipline, and self-control within the soldier.

The Opening Ceremony was held at the Colonel Fazely Laphir Auditorium and the Commandant of the Military Academy, Brigadier A K G K U Gnanaratne ndc psc graced the event as the Chief Guest. Welcoming the trainee SNCOs, the Commandant stressed upon the importance of the drill for their career progression. Finally, he wished bless of luck to all of them to successfully complete the course.